The Zippy Diaries from our Roving Reporter - Trevor


In the early 1990's, my  working career was curtailed by an unexpected illness. At a loss as to how to fill my time, I was urged by my two eldest sons to re-take up fishing as I had spent many happy hours doing so with them during their childhood. Re-discovering the sheer joy of Angling, I now whenever possible can be found casting a line and shadow over the waters of not only my local area, but foreign climes as well, when opportunity arises. Being willing to try and experiment with anything but am more and more drawn to the dedicated Specimen Branch, favouring Pike, Barbel, Chub and Perch.
Handicapped by my feeling of lack of deftness, failing eyesight, strength and a propensity for disasters that defies logic, "Zippy" blunders from crisis to crisis, with the occasional success that is all I need to keep going! Join me in my adventures by clicking on a book and I hope you enjoy the read - Trevor

"Unfortunately Trevor passed away before we could finish compiling his tales into his diary but one day, as he would have liked, they will be added.....   R.I.P. Trevor " - Dave

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