Talk about Rubbish...

It's everywhere, on the streets, in the hedgerows even on the bank-side.
How many times have you been to a Pond or stretch of River and found that someone has been fishing before you? What are the signs? Hopefully a bit of spilt groundbait, escaped maggots, or fresh footprints. More often the case, especially on the popular day-ticket waters, it is a left over ground-bait bag, crisp packet, luncheon meat or corn tin and don't forget the yards of 'lost' line.

There's no excuse for leaving it, we sort our gear out the night before, pack everything into the box, bag and holdall and arrive with it: so there must be space for it to go back home with us. After-all who else will pick it up and dispose of it for us?

On a regular occurrence the 'Anti angling' fraternity attack anglers in the Press, often showing dead or injured birds entangled in discarded fishing line. 
Take a look at this copy of a page within PETA's (People for the ethical Treatment of Animals) anti-angling site
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It's the usual case of the minority who give the majority a bad name. But when it comes to the crunch, the Anti's, the Press and the general public don't distinguish between the responsible and the irresponsible - the finger is pointed at us all. So what can we do?

  • Lets have a clean-up. Every Angler should carry a rubbish bag in their box so let's bring a new meaning to 'Bagging-up'.
  • Leave a clean peg at the end of a session whether or not it was yours.
  • If you see a mucky peg or find discarded line then clean it up and bag it but don't forget to cut all line into short pieces before binning it though.
  • If you're a Fishery Owner or have a Club Water ensure that there are bins available to deposit rubbish in but don't forget to empty them.
  • Above all else, don't give anybody or any organisation a reason to criticise us., 2001-
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