Hook Tyers and how to use them


The Matchman Hook Tyer

Available in most tackle shops for around 2.00

Slacken the Hook Tyer's clamp wheel until the jaws open and insert your hook. Tighten the wheel until the hook holds fast. There is no need to over tighten the wheel.
With the two line clips in the 'up' position, wrap the line around the clips as shown. Ensure line is tight between the tyer and rod and lay the loose end directly under the spade.
Rotate the tyer away from you for one full turn ensuring the loose line lays tight to the spade. Upon the next rotation, angle the looses line so that you begin whipping down the shank.
After between five and twelve turns, wrap the loose end of line around the back of the line clip nearest the hook. Depress the clips completely while trapping loose the loose line against the tyer.


Unscrew the clamp wheel and pull gently on the line coming from the spade. Your hook and line will pull from the tyer, whilst tightening the knot. At this point it helps to add a bit of spit to the knot to help reduce friction. Once tight, trim the excess line.


The Drennan Hook Tyer

Not too easily found but equally as good as the Matchman

Hold the hook tyer in your left hand with the metal clamp facing upwards. Place your hook, point upwards, into the tyer and press down on the metal clamp to lock the hook into place.
Pass your line around the clamp. Ensure that the line is held tight at all times and rotate the tyer away from you ensuring your line lays directly underneath the spade of the hook.
After one full rotation, alter the angle of the line coming off the spade so as to begin whipping down the hook shank. Remember to keep the line tight at all times.
After between ten and fourteen turns wrap the loose end of the hook length around the back of the brass peg located on the nose of the tyer.


Depress the clamp fully and pull gently on your hook length until the largest loop is pulled tight. Unlock the clamp and pull the hook length again until your hook and line becomes free. Again, at this point, a bit of spit will help lubricate your line. Trim the loose ends to finish.


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