ZT Pro hair rigs questions


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Sep 24, 2008
Hi all.
I've borrowed my mates 4" Gizmo Angling ZT Pro with a view to buying one. I have been quite impressed tieing up some spade end hooks (even though I've had to re-tie the loop as I wanted 3" hook lengths, but I can do this with the new one, correct?).
What I would like to know is what owners think of their banded rigs with it? It doesn't look like the whipping comes far enough down the hook shaft for my liking and the band could sit too far away from the hook. Can you get round this?
I've also noticed that with bigger hooks if you position the spade too far away it's really hard to keep the first turn close to the spade, it just wants to slip half way down the shaft. Can you prevent this or is it just practice?
Are there any other niggles that I should be aware about too before forking out £140.
Thank you.

chubby chubber

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May 14, 2003
dunno mate but the hair rig attachment starts at 3 inch if that would help you not having to retye the hoop ive had it ages but not really thought about tying hair rigs up for commy work just yet i always got the bloody band twisted up when i tried it before


Jul 22, 2018
Once the band is put on the hair you can whip down as much as you want.
Practice makes perfect on the gizmo.


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Dec 31, 2010
Your initial whips before putting the band on should go down the shank as many times as it takes to go down the whole shank until you just have enough room to get three more on which is the space needed for the three whips with the band.

Dont do more than three whips with the band on as the line is pinched on the pin holder and you dont want the damaged part on the whip.

The other issue you have is just practice and taking your time with the first couple of turns to get in right.
Ive just tied over 200 banded hook lengths this week for my f1 fishing using the hair rig attachment and they are perfect just keep practicing