Young woman at the doctors.


Havin' a Waggle
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Oct 26, 2004
(this was on Carry On Doctor on the TV earlier today)

A beautiful leggy busty young woman goes to the doctor;

Doctor: "What seems to be the problem?"
Woman: "You remember I was here a few months ago because I was worried whether my new husband would be able to father a child?"
Doctor: "Oh yes. Your husband is a bit older than you isn't he? - How old is he?"
Woman: "He's eighty-eight. Last time you said it might be an idea if I took in a lodger."
Doctor: "Well, yes. But that was completely off the record you realise."
Woman: "Well I did and it worked. I'm pregnant!"
Doctor: "Congratulations! - What does your husband think about it?"
Woman: "Oh he's absolutely over the moon about it."
Doctor: "Oh well that's a relief That's good. er.. What about the lodger?"
Woman: "Well that's the problem you see. She's pregnant too!"