Yew Tree Fishery - Thornton Hough, Wirral


Jul 15, 2020
Finally got to have a session on this water which is close to home, on Monday.
Fished on Peg 21, which has an island to throw a bomb/method to.
Knew there was a good head of carp & skimmers, and wanted an easy days fishing.

Started with a bomb and pellet about a metre off the left edge of the island, but never had a proper bite, so switched to a small method feeder with micro/gbait fishing a hard 6mm.
Again, never had a fish after an hour, so sacked that off and set up a pole line at around 6 sections.
Depth was around 6ft, with a pretty flat bottom, so started off feeding small amounts of hard 4mm fishing 6mm on the hook.
Rig was a 0.3g Guru MW diamond on 0.17 mainline, 0.15 bottom to an LWG banded 16.
Got into the skimmers pretty much straight away - these are not small blades - each one was over 1lb, and whilst not hectic, was steady.
Nice & easy fishing which was what I wanted.
Had first carp after about 45 mins of skimmer action about 4lb.

Really didn't fish as I expected it to, and couldn't work out the feeding tbh, but had a very enjoyable day.

Skimmer action was enjoyable and should bear well in the winter/colder months when the carp are less active.

Lovely fishery, and will definitely be back, and will give the smaller lake a go next time.

The Landlord

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Jul 26, 2018
Yew Tree is a great fishery. Don't think peg 21 is one of the better ones though. Pegs 1 to 4 always frame in matches. My personal favourite is peg 13 at the far corner. There's a big lily bed to your right & it's great for dropping a pole float in the gap in the middle. You'll always catch in the margins there on most pegs though. The smaller lake can be good fun, there's plenty of tench, orfe & crucians in there. You'll also get decent carp but not as many as the big lake.
Lingmere down at Moreton Shore is another good fishery & it's only a few minutes from Upton.