Yeadon Tarn

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Aug 11, 2001
Hey for you people round west yorkshire you may of heard of a fisherie called Yeadon Tarn.
I am goin there Thursday seein i have a Training Day and i bought my Yearbook for Airesbourgh and District (including Yeadon Tarn)
I wanna Fish for Carp to BEAT twig!!!!!
Theres quite big carp they mainly come out aobut 2lb to 5lb...
And there other big fish like Tench and Bream and stuffed with Silver fish..
i have ever caught out 2 carp out of the tarn (3lbers)
I would like somehelp it as banned some tatics for the close season...
eg. Swimfeeders i bought some arsely bombs today. i wanna ledger it because its quite big....
Do any of you know some good tatics for it and baits!!
I wanna Surface fish it l8ly in the Year ~Please Help~

Regards Gf
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