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Dec 5, 2019
Bingley Angling Club control 3 miles of the cut from Dowley Gap Top Lock to Swine Lane Bridge and most pegs offer some cracking canal sport.

Unlike many sections of the Leeds & Liverpool this area isn't just about small fish caught using light tackle. Commercial type methods work well for the bream using mainly 4mm or 6mm expander pellets and corn, but try big punched bread as a change bait. Seeds and berries work well for roach and skimmers particularly as autumn draws near. Here is a breakdown of each area.

Dowley Gap to Britannia Bridge. This stretch is quite shallow at about three and half feet but is tree lined which gives the fish confidence. Best method being pole fished chopped worm and caster for perch, bream, and carp.

Britannia Bridge to Three Rise Locks. This area is deeper at around five feet deep. Here commercial methods take priority; waggler fished corn for bream to 6.7lbs and carp to 21lbs to baits fished on the top, pole fished pellet and corn for bags of bream to 50lbs, and groundbait feeder fished with a cocktail of worm and caster for both bream and roach.

Bingley Three Rise Locks to the world famous Five Rise Locks. Again shallow and tree lined give the fish confidence here. Fish either pellet on the pole for carp, bream and ide.

Five Rise Locks to Micklethwaite Lane. This stretch comes into its own in autumn for roach that start to shoal up ready for winter. Pole fished hemp, caster, and bread punch is the winning method here.

Mickletwaite Lane to Morton Lane. A rural stretch where pole fished worm and caster will catch both perch and skimmers down the track.

Morton Lane to Swine Lane. Pole fished red maggot or pinkie will catch silverfish steadily throughout the day, a switch to corn or pellet will bring bream to the net on overcast days.

Prices: £2.50 from WH Kershaw Vacuum Cleaner Shop, Shipley.

Contact: WH Kershaw, 01274 595574, www.bingleyanglingclub.co.uk

Location: Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Dowley Gap Lane, Bingley, W Yorks, BD16 1WA

Rules: One rod max, no litter, no fires, no night fishing


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Feb 10, 2010
Thanks Jonathan. Knowing a fireman as neighbour, I used have permission to park up handily in their Bingley station at end of footbridge on old Bradford Road. Living further up valley in Crosshill, I also used cycle the canal path regularly sometimes to Leeds and return on train, or vice versa. Had some interesting journeys, and your pictures brings back good memories.