Worms not looking too healthy


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Jul 4, 2019
It was a case of making do with the cool bag. There’s not much shade here.! I’ve taken all the advice and appreciated it though the hessian bag they came in... seemed to be an awful lot of worms crammed into there even if breathable. I thought they needed more space to wriggle around but what do I know. 😂 they’re still good as new though which was my main worry. Cheers.


Mar 26, 2011
Got a kilo of Dendras in the sack they came in from Willy Worms for my holiday. They're not as lively as I'd like.

Have took them out of the sack and put them in three 3 pint bait tubs. Fed them some fruit cuttings, damp cardboard, and worm food powder from my wormery, sprayed the soil to keep them slightly damp.

Got to keep them for a week on a caravan holiday in this weather... any ideas for how to keep them healthy?

Have heard if you find a dead one to take it out as it kills the rest of them?
I keep mine in a large version of the Willy Worm supplied bag (white loose woven) in soil and garden compost from B&Q. The bag is stored in an old wheely bin in the shade and worms fed by adding kitchen veg scraps... and breed well... in fact my last 1kg purchased have lasted 18-24 months and the bag probably now holds 3kg or more worms.. Self sufficiency and an easily accessible supply all year round!!

In fact my one problem is that the worms (dendros) tend to be too big for my needs and I tend to use halves on a size 10 hook...