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May 4, 2009
Second club match of the year, the last one was a disaster, one foulhooked fish resulted in a DNW.

This time I had a foolproof plan. That was to copy a previous winner's tactic on this lake of feeding loads of corn. Then on Thursday I was told that the fishery had introduced a one tin rule, back to the drawing board. As the lake has previously thrown up good weights of barbel and charges a fortune for Skrettings pellets plus meat is banned I decided on feeding maggot and corn on the hook, possibly maggot but the lake also has a high number of small roach. Not only would this hopefully attract the barbel but I would also be supporting, in a small way, my new local tackle shop.

Drew peg 15 (19 fishing) a corner peg that I was told was a good one. Trying to keep things simple I planned to fish the margin and at 2+2. The margin rig would be a small BGT BeeDee float on 0.17 line and to start with a banded 18 B911 to a 0.13 hooklength. At 2+2 I would fish a BGT1 float with the same lines and banded hook. I did make up identical rigs but with a B611 18 so I could try maggot on the hook.





The margin started at around 12 inches deep and gradually sloped down to around 3ft at 2+2. I felt the close margin was too shallow and thus plumped for, and plumbed up at topkit +1 at 45 degrees to my left towards the corner for the BeeDee rig in around 2ft of water. Facing that way also put the breeze at my back. The deeper line was similarly angled to the left.

I had around 3 1/2 pints of maggot and the one tin of corn. So fed the maggot quite heavily on both lines and the corn sparingly as a taster. For the first hour all I could muster was a few small roach on maggot. At around 80 minutes I got my first carp of around 2lb – foulhooked, from the closer line. Twenty minutes later I had two more similar sized carp, one foulhooked from the deeper line, one properly hooked from the nearer. No one seemed to be catching much as I could see so no panic, stick to the plan.

The carp gradually moved in, but no barbel, I was catching the odd one but a little more frequently. Still only around 2-3lb each and from the close in line. The far line was forgotten. Then I was broken by either a larger or foulhooked fish so replaced the hooklength with one of 0.17 and a banded 16 B911. The bait was mounted by pulling the band through the grain of corn so it sat inside.

My weight built gradually, particularly with bonus 7 & 10lb fish. Net limit is 50 at Wold, fishery nets, and you start with three, one silvers, two carp. Approaching an estimated 45lb I had been watching Ray opposite who, despite appearing to catch well had still not started to use his second carp net. I beat him to that by about five minutes.

I then hit 15lb in my second net and the wheels came off. The fish seemed to desert me and I struggled for the last two hours gradually getting the odd fish to end with an approximate 35lb in the second net. That and the 45 in the first plus a couple of skimmers gave me an estimated 80+.

Ray had put two or three fish in his third net and the angler to my right, Darren, had certainly enjoyed a much better final two hours than me.

The scales actually gave me 94-4 and not a barbel in sight. I had to be happy with that given my abysmal showing three weeks previously and my poor start and finish. That was good enough for fifth and a small but welcome envelope. Darren won with 140lb, Ray second with 109. Third & fourth had 104, 102.

In a way my plan paid off and I think I know what I did wrong to lose the fish. The short line was on the slope and early on it seemed the fish wanted to be a bit further down it. I chased them down but I think later they wanted to be further up it and thus I was too deep. I did try and take the odd fish from the ultra shallow bankside margin but the fish did not seem to be feeding confidently there. In all I fed around 2 1/2 pint of maggot and used 3/4 of the tin of corn. Not a lot really for a near ton weight.


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Jul 31, 2016
Nice write up Neil and good to see you have got a handle on the new venue. (y)