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Aug 11, 2001
With sadness in my heart i today have the sad task of announcing the demise of my favourite tackle shop.

Martin who i haved the pleasure of calling a friend for sometime now has taken out an advert in the local paper to let everyone know that he is shutting up shop for good.

Martin had a very nasty accident a few years back & put the compensation, savings, his heart & his sole into "one last cast" but last years foot & mouth plus soaring rents & other overheads have forced his hand & he has had to call it a day.

The good news is that Martin will not be retiring from the fishing scene totally as he has been offered & accepted a consultation job on carping & carp tackle.

A sad sad day indeed.

If theres anything left by now he's offering a 35% discount on everything in the shop, i brought my kid brother a maxperformance 12ft 3lbT/C rod (but he won't be getting his sticky mits on it till his burfdee) It cost a grand total of 13 i also brought some other bits n bobs for Dian n me.

One fella walked in while we were there & brought the entire stock of tiger nuts (about 30/40 tins).

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Aug 11, 2001
Since the Foot & Mouth last year we've had 2 shops close down in this area as well Alan.

But also a new one has recently opened up and another has been taken over and is improving all the time.

Affraid to say at the moment it's the same with everything, it just takes a glitch to tip things the wrong way.

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