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paul d

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Mar 13, 2007
two blokes sat in the pub, both had a few beers and they are talking about what jobs they do. first bloke says 'i make suicide proof buildings'. the 2nd bloke just laughs and asks ' never heard of them and what do they look like?'
first bloke says ' see that 50 storey building over there? thats 1 i built, lets climb it and i'll prove it to you!'
they both climb the stairs , and having had a few beers, they eventually get to the roof. the first man says 'watch this' and he jumps. he falls all the way to the pavement and BOUNCES off it and back to the roof he comes. the 2nd man amazed at this jumps and makes a nasty mess on the pavement and is killed instantly.
the first bloke returns to the pub and orders another pint, at which the barman says " superman, you can be a complete b.s.ard when your'e p.ssed!!"
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