Who Loves the Sun ?....

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Apr 8, 2005
The Velvet Underground asked that question all those years ago . Well, can safely say, not the pollack.
Out again today, original plan for the week was a first visit of the year to Staffin today and back to Kilmaluag on Saturday but now going down to Newcastle at the weekend for the funeral on Monday of one of my oldest fishing buddies. He'd beaten cancer twice before, once twenty years ago and again four but sadly it only needs to win once...
Anyway, forecast had the wind turned to Easterly, not great for Staffin as would have the swell running straight in to the rocks, so Kilmaluag again it was.
Got there about 10.45, two and a half hours before low tide, tiderun racing past the point at Rubha na Tragha so started there, not a sniff in 45 minutes where its usually immediate so moved along to the gullies towards Bun-idein. Really beautiful day by now but the sun very bright on the clear water (can see 20 ft down)
Again nothing either running a lure up the gullies or out into the open water. Rethink time after an hour of this, so back along to the middle rocks towards An t-Sailleir , set up big rod and went for broke over low water slack, side of mackerel on a 6/0 on proper end tackle at about 50 yards, as close in to the really rough ground as I dared.
Got 90 minutes on this before the tide started running hard on the flood, nothing other than the edge of the bait getting crabbed a bit, Back on the lure rod, maybe the tide change might switch them on ? Nope.. And then at about 2 45 the sea mist rolled in and it was like flicking a switch- six pollack in the next half hour before the ever building swell forced a retreat and a move back to the gullies- three more here before the sun came out again and all action stopped. Gave it a while longer before the sea conditions with a fast rising tide and the strengthening wind now behind the swell started getting a bit too interesting for comfort .
Average size of the pollack down a bit today, for scale that's a 10cm lure and a Stradic 4000.
still, can't complain at nine fish on a day that was beginning to look ominously like a blank- they really didn't like that sun
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