who is right or wrong?

Jimmy Bronze

Apr 22, 2018
Little case study from the last week or so.

I need a new barrow and was interested jn the Daiwa match barrow because i prefer to fish the rivers and the big tyres on it look great for that. But i don't have a Daiwa box so i wanted to know dimensions - literally could only find length. Checked Daiwa catalogue online - no details. Messaged Daiwa on Facebook - message back, don't know but please wait until things are back to normal and then call phone. So instead i messaged tackle shop on facebook where i had seen barrow selling cheapest and asked them for dimensions. After a day they messaged me back and said email sales support at the tackleshop instead and presented me with email address.

At this point i halted the process..

Is it me or has there been multiple failings here or is that the way it should work?

Biggest issue for me is the dimensions not being available in a catalogue in first place. Not digging Daiwa out as loads of other examples. But also i can't personally see why a shop wouldn't do the email themselves to sales support and just then message me the info?



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Aug 8, 2001
Quite possibly they are working from home and the issue with forwarding emails is the second recipient doesn't always 'Reply to all' therefore the original sender doesn't get a reply - just surmising



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Sep 16, 2015
the person monitoring Facebook might not be the person in the shop or where the stock is held, many businesses use individuals for social media who are not on the premises of the company they are responding from