Whip fishing for tench?


Jul 5, 2021
I have two of the Japanese whips. One (seiryu) is for small fish, but I’ve landed catfish up to 4# on the stronger one (herabuna). It’s fun fishing.
Yeah i think im totally "hooked" on whip fishing atm. Got a 3 pound bream last weekend on one of my whips with no problem at all. I pretty sure my whips will take a 4-5 maybe 6 pound bream with no problem.

My next whip will be a Sensas Rafale 6m whip (210g at 6m). Sensas says this about that whip "Well balanced carbon whips that will catch everything. Can be used in freshwater or at sea. Available in 6 lengths from 4 to 9 metres.".