Whilst AT Have Their Tales Up; Let's Not Forget....

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Apr 5, 2011
In 2017
published the report ‘Flushed Away’ after four out of five rivers (80%) in England and Wales failed to achieve Good Ecological Status.
In 2020 the Government admitted that only 16% of English rivers actually met good ecological status. Sewage alone is estimated to account for 55% of the rivers that are failing to reach this status.
The quality of our waterways has failed to meet the required standards time and time again.
It’s our duty as anglers, kayakers, swimmers, farmers and anyone else who enjoys and utilises these waterways to stand up for these ecosystems and everything that lives in them.
We need to fight not just for cleaner water but CLEAN waters. It’s paramount that we keep up the momentum and here is how you can help right now:
Visit www.anglingtrust.net > menu > get involved > Anglers Against Pollution > 4 ways to support
- Purchase AAP merch on the AT website, all proceeds go towards fighting the fight!
- Share this with your online and fishing community
- Report any waste disposal or sewage pollution to the
Environment Agency
(EA) Telephone (24 hour service) 0800 80 70 60.
- Join your local river group and take part in river clean-ups and hands-on conservation
- Become a
Riverfly Partnership
Lastly, stop fighting the EA. Yes, they might fail to act quickly but it’s due to lack of funding and staff and not because the people on the ground don’t care. 26a0.png It’s time to start scrutinising the Government.
This is not an advert for anything other than clean water.
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Jul 31, 2016
Well done on posting that Mike - I have just joined the AT after reading their sterling efforts on representing angling to the Government and seecuring the right to go fishing during lockdown.
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