Where To Fish Near Nuneaton

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Jun 9, 2003
I moved to Nuneaton from Birmingham a couple of years ago, and since then I have so far only fished at Makins, despite there being a wealth of fisheries near by. Nothing wrong with Makins, it has given six personal bests so far, but I'm in need of a change.
If anyone has any recomendations on (or reasons why I should avoid any of these [:(])
Parkers, Five Ways, Hopsford Hall, Weston Lawns, Hoar Park Farm, Monks Pool, The pool by Temple Hill, Bramcote Main or a bit further a field Meadowlands or Lanny's Lagoon.
Or any other lakes and pools in the area, there is a large lake near Bermuda Park that never seems to be fished; who owns it?, or if anyone knows whether the River Anker is fishable (I saw some very nice Chub by Asda!) let me know.

Rob H


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Aug 11, 2001
Hi Rob,
Firstly WELCOME to the Mad House (watch it don't take over)[;)]

On to your questions..[:)]

I live down the road in Rugby and fish some of the waters you mention so i'll give you a bit of info on the one's i've fished and also suggest a couple of others that are worth a look.

The owner is in the process of sorting out a match lake behind the present 1 as at present pleasure anglers take priority over matches.

Depths vary from around 2ft to a max of about 10ft with the deeper water being on the left and top edge as you drive in.

You can park behind all pegs and there is a snack van on site (doing very cheap and good food)[;)]

Gets very bizzy at the weekends and during school holidays and tends to attract alot of "CHECKOUT ANGLERS" as i call em (always got bite alarms on full volume and playing with them)[:0]

Stocked with alot of Skimmers and a fair head of Bream to around 4lb, Tench to around 5lb average 2lb, Roach from a few ounces upto about 1lb, Cruicans from ounces to around 1lb, Carp from ounces to doubles.

A lot of the carpers that fish here tend to get wound up [:)] when you turn up with a pole and just fish Pellet & Paste and sack up whilst they camp out with Boiles for only 1 or 2 fish [:D] (i like that bit though) [;)]
You can use Keepnets.[:D]

If you use the search facility in the top right of the page you'll find some reports i've posted from Parkers.

Five Ways
Only fished there once about 3 years ago and was not impressed with either the venue or fishing but have heard some good reports over the last month or so.
So may call in in the future for another look.

Hopsford Hall
Amazingly this is only 7 Min's from my house and i only found it last year.[:0]
Made a few trips there last season and had a really good time with Carp to mid doubles eager to feed.[:)]
Only down point was alot of people seam to use floating bread and there was a lot of said bread left rotting in the margins but on my third visit it had all been cleared away by the warden, after i had mentioned it to him previously.[:)]
Some time's he will allow Keepnets for None Carp species but that depends on his mood.

Again if you use the search a few reports should appear.

I wish i got round to fishing here more often as it is a good pair of waters and this year it's changed ownership and the new owners have put in a lot of work with new platforms installed (even if they are a long way off the water).
Warren Pool (the smaller of the 2) has a stock of Tench, Carp, Bream, Skimmers, Roach and some lovely Crucians and averages 3 to 4ft deep.
Lambsdown Lake (the biggest of the 2) is stuffed with Tench, Carp and just about every species you can think of plus a few more.

Again a few reports will turn up via the search.

Lanny's Lagoon
Uptill 3 years ago i used to fish it alot but then John (the owner) changed his rules, and now i dont bother fishing it much.
Shame really as it is a quiet secluded water surrounded by trees and is never affected by wind.
There are some good Carp and Roach in there but it can be an awkward venue to suss out.
But John or his baliffe Selwyn will tell you best bait is a "single maggot in the margin" Dont believe them though as the best baits are either Catmeat, Luncheon Meat or floaters.

And here's a couple to try that you have not listed.[;)]

The Riddings at Atherstone
4 pools as follows.
Specimen Pool
As the name suggests the specimen pool is for the BIG Carp with 3 known 30's and a lot of 20's
Riddings Pool
This is the main pool and hosts a lot of matches plenty of carp to mid doubles and most tactics work also a lot of Roach with Chub and Bream as well.
Folly Pool
This is only about 5 years old but does not look it with reeds every where mainly small fish of all species upto about 1lb but with the odd high single fiquire carp.
Keepnets are allowed on this pool.
Cruican Pool
Furthest from the car park and does not get the pressure that the others do this pool is stuffed with Golden Orfe, Tench, Cruicans as well as all other species.

You'll find The Riddings a nice venue to fish with well mown grass and no litter or rubbish in sight and they also do a cracking allday breakfast from the hut.

Lakeside Fishery
This is between the A5 and Wolvey from Hinckly roundabout (on the left).
It's a 300 year old pool which is full of Lillies and has 3 Islands stocked with Carp to high 20's and loads of Cruicans as well as Roach to over 1lb.
Can get bizzy with carp anglers but is a lovely place.

Hope the above is of help and if you want any other info just ask.

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Jun 9, 2003
Hi Malc,

Thanks for all the info, much appreciated thumbsup.gif , I'll definately be trying a few of these out when I get a chance.



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Nov 8, 2001

Firstly, I'd highly reccomend Riddings, nice place to fish, well run
and the food is brill

I've often fed the chub in the Anker across the road from Asda on the bridge from the bus station, with some bread and there are some
nice fish amongst them but I'm not sure that you can actually fish
for them. What you need to do is to join TNT's fishing club ( i think you can get the ticket from Martins pet store in Nunny, or the tackle shop in Atherstone) and then fish the Anker at Pinwall for the chub, its excellent [:D]

Nige, Wishin I was Fishin


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Apr 8, 2003
Hiya Ohbodder, I have only just picked up this thread - welcome to Maggotdrowners and welcome to NUNEATON. I agree with Malc on ALL his suggestions and would add that at the moment Parkers is not fishing very well - I fish the competitions there most weeks and the weights are going progressively down. If you fancy a bagging session try 5 Ways at Wolvey - I broke the lake record there yesterday with 88lbs.
I live in Nuneaton so if you fancy a days fishing give me a PM and we can sort it.


Jun 9, 2003
Thanks to Harry's suggestion I tried Five Ways fishery on Saturday 12th July, had a great day, even met Harry himself.
You can read my report at
If you're in the area Five Ways is certainly worth a visit (it's only a couple of minutes from Makins). I'll certainly be going back soon, I've just got to somehow fit in visits to some of the other fisheries on my list too.

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