When landlords become dangerous.


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Jul 1, 2009
If lives are at risk is there nobody to report to who can force issues to be resolved? Can it not be condemned until suitable repairs are made?
With it being a hostel is there not a responsibility to protect vulnerable people who may need these facilities?
I have no idea of the legislation or Joe these things work.


Slava Ukraini
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May 30, 2019
We do tend to have the most outrageous and extreme form of capitalism in this country when lives are put at risk for the sake of profit.

Landlord should be reported and barred from being a landlord indefinitely.


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Oct 18, 2020
I cannot understand the logic with some landlords, I have owned a couple of properties for years that we rented out, they were parents and inlaws properties previously so in well kept and maintained condition but we have always kept on top of any repairs or redecoration when tennants moved on.
When we retired we decided to use our pension cash to buy and redevelop some properties then rent out to boost our pension annuity income, we took over 3 years to do it, finding the right one, planning and actual work, we looked at many existing investment properties at auction and to be honest we were disgusted at the way many landlords treated their tennants and the squalor some lived in, we vowed no matter the cost we would not do the same.

Everything we have done in our developments to ensure we only need to go back to those properties in emergency, why would you neglect them and keep having trouble by bodging jobs, every visit costs money charged by tradesmen and I would rather sleep at night knowing that my property and tennants are safe and comfortable.