When advice works better than expected…

The Runner

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Apr 8, 2005
Elder stepdaughter and her husband plus kids, and his brothers family all been staying self catering somewhere near Stirling.
As far as I know he’d never fished before but he bought some very basic tackle a couple of days ago and they all went down to the Firth of Forth this afternoon
Along with the expected mackerel feathers he’d bought a packet of frozen sandeels and I told them if there were no mackerel about to just cut a sandeel into little pieces and fish a piece on the smallest hook he had down the side of the jetty, should at least be some little fish and crabs about to keep the kids amused.

He’s only gone and had three decent mullet….

Think angling may have at least one new recruit.

Dave Spence

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Feb 19, 2017
Apparently they are very difficult to hook. He could be a natural or just have a lot of beginners luck, either way, very well done to him and top advice from you👍