Whats your opinion for this setup?


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Jan 19, 2013
Hi, I’ve bought a new set for 2022 season. In Hungary we have lots of carps and amurs above 10-15 lbs almost every lake and river. Sometimes we can meet 40lbs+ too. We have lakes and slow rivers and often fishing for 50-90 meters.

- 2x 13’ Aero X7 100gramm + Ultegra 5500 xtc
- Both filled with 0.225 Shimano technium, i dont like use shockleaders because of the knot so i choose the 0.22 over the 0.20
- 45gramm preston methood feeders with heavy gum
- size 10 Korda hook with braid 0.10mm leader
- popups 9-13mm

Is it well balanced?
Stop messing around with inferior line! 😬
Stick on some 0.26 8lb Daiawa sensor brown. 😉
Its 0.25 and breaks at 10.75lb. :love:

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Apr 5, 2020
Isn't Grass Carp the commonly used name for Amur Carp? Only Amurs I've ever seen had stripes. Not Amur perch. Amur tigers.