Whats Good About The County You Are From?

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May 28, 2003
Originally posted by merlin100

Whoever wrote that b*ll*x certainly didnt come from Yorkshire, or maybe its about 100 years old?
Now its Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Kebab,Subway (who really pays 2 quid for a scabby 6" sarnie?).
The town centres are virtual no-go areas - and thats in the daytime too.
There are millions of newly-built tin huts now called "Industrial Units".
I think I read we have one tree left somewhere on the boundary with Derbyshire but its now 4.50 to take the kids for a look.
If anyone dares to visit here, then come in a 4*4. The literature may tell you that our roads are "rural and picturesque", but thats council-speak for totally knackered.

Nah, that's just South Yorks.....[:D]
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