What makes the perfect cast?

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Aug 8, 2001

Imagine the scene: You arrive at your swim to find an island some 40 to 50 yards out, it looks promising, Jaylo and Anastacia are there lying nak...(whoops sorry, getting carried away, lol
), you've tackled up and decided to fish in the margins of that island, your using a leger setup - how do you cast out to it?

What makes the perfect cast? You want to get your leger within a yard of the island, not on it and you are aiming for a particular area say within a 3ft circle.

Go on then, let us know
, Dave


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Dec 7, 2001
ok heres my way, i make a couple of casts till i get my feeder/bomb near enough to the island (lining up with some kind of marker like a tree), i aim to get about 10/15ft away, when i get that distance i then pull off by hand the amount of line i need to reach my desired spot (few feet at a time) then clip up and cast again, i will repeat my cast pulling off a bit of line at a time till i get it spot on but making sure that i allways clip up.
if i am using a feeder i make my initial casts with no bait in, also when i cast i stop my rod directly above my head, i let the feeder settle then just tip my rod to the left/right till it is in the rest, that way your feeder/bomb stays in the same position and doesnt move back when you put it in the rest.
i do not think that the initial splashing made by doing it this way puts the fish off in anyway, my theory being that fish tend to associate splashing with food, soooo if ya make a few casts with no bait, they come out of there homes looking for the food, when they cant find it they swim around really p****d off cos they were looking forward to a good scran, then when ya put some bait in they attack it. (sounds good in theory anyway) thumbsup.gif

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Dec 2, 2001
I thought the touring cast of Les Miserable three years ago were brilliant. Can't comment on the latest cast though.

Seriously the thing that makes the perfect cast is catching a fish at the end of it.

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Apr 12, 2002
hey Dave, you obviously haven't heard m8, Anastacia used to be a man {lol}



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Nov 4, 2001
Wouldnt a visit to the local A & E be the best place to get an answer
over what makes the best cast. John

chill out go fishing
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