What is best material for stop knots - what do you use?


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Jan 19, 2013
Sounds like you have made a simple set up over complicated!
Three turn knot using length of mainline. When tied snip loop so now have four tags.
Two droppers.

Ps you want a supple knot not a stiff one.
It then goes through eyes with ease. Bead will stop against knot regardless.


Mar 26, 2011
Sorry Rudd but dont understand that at all! Where does the loop come from to cut to create 4 tags...
Why would I want droppers? If needed I'd add using a water knot ... but not fly fishing anyway?
And seems more complicated than mine??

My end rig from rod top down ... NOTE: 99% of my float fishing is done using lift method.... and I always use a sliding setup, even if fishing the drop in only 2' of water. Its probably been 30-40 years since I last used a fixed float.

Stop knot 1 - used to act as reference point if depth of fishing changed - initially set to sit on top of knot 2 after plumbing to depth
Stop knot 2 - used to set depth of fishing - initially full depth, can be moved down to fish off bottom or up to increase depth, and just need to return to sit touching knot 1 in order to fish exact full depth again without re-plumbing..
Small bead (<0.5mm bore - stops knot passing though)
Slightly larger bead (approx 1mm bore - to prevent small bead jamming in float ring but too big in itself to stop knot passing through)
Float adaptor for quick float change
1mm bore bead
<0.5mm bore bead
Stop knot 3 - to stop line wrapping around antenna of a bodied float when casting. If less then line can wrap around stem, esp with windbeater float
Bulk shot ... placed at least 1.5x the length of the float BELOW knot 3
Anchor shot (usually 1SSG)
Hooklength quick change adaptor
6" hooklength (hook anything between a size 2 to size 16)

Yes, I agree more than basic (ie knot, float, shot, hook) but the extras make life so very much easier and well worth it.

Re: supple line for stop knot...
Totally disagree ... 6lb supple line used as a knot on 6lb main line with a 0.5mm bore bead soon fatigues (and becomes softer) at the knot's body and folds under pressure allowing the knot to pass through. A stiff line with 1.5+" tag ends passes through the rod rings virtually unimpeded (well, I've never ever felt a jarring effect from the knot catching on casts - even when using a 2BB float) but remains impassable through the bead's hole.