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Aug 25, 2002
I have returned to angling this year after many year's absence. Through the Summer I have had some very good, some very bad days whilst I tried to relearn how to fish. Not so much a beginner as a
On Tuesday I had a particularly bad day at Springlea Fishery at Lea Cross, nr Shrewsbury. It was a complete blank, with only a handful of bites to show for a frustrating day.
Conditions were mostly overcast, with a strong cold wind from SW & it rained heavily the night before. I started fishing with my 13ft match rod and 3lb line at 07:30. I used a made-up pole float trace with 1.5 lb leader & size 16 hook. Using lightly cooked corn, luncheon meat, worms & bread flake. I loose fed small amounts of corn or meat. I didn't get a bite, whether fishing on the bottom, mid-water or near the surface. I then changed to a loaded 5 in waggler to get more distance but only had a few lightening bites, and then only when I fished very shallow on bread.
Sorry for the long post, but you see there were some fish about, lots of small fins breaking the surface & several, what I took to be Carp, were using my float for a "who can jump out of the water highest" competition. I might add that none of the other anglers on the pool caught anything either, but that didn't make me feel any better, especially as we were getting wet in the spray from the fish jumping!
I would be grateful for any advice you can offer. How would you experts have approached the day, my methods obviously need some modernising.


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Oct 27, 2002
Hi Hunter, welcome.
If the venue is stocked with mainly silver fish, then I would suggest you scale down your rig. Possibly 2lb mainline to 1.5lb hooklength.
Also use smaller hooks to give better bait presentation (say 22,20).
Maggot,squatt, caster should score this time of year for most silver fish. Feed little and often.
Give it a try, hope it works mate.

Terrier [8D]

You can't beat dipping your waggler!
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