what do you do ?


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Jul 25, 2018
There are also others that catch from time to time.

And some that are just complete blankers ay @DontKillZander šŸ˜‰
Hold on, let me check my fishing journal...


Yep, true.

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Sep 2, 2019
@Warf at this time of year sometimes the fish need some encouragement to feed, a few maggots simply won't do, I've fished swims on my local river been loose feeding hemp n maggots or caster and got very little put in a couple balls of groundbait, and its been like switching a light on. If you don't use alot groundbait it might be worth experimenting with some, I personally use sonubaits, river, black roach, black and lake or a combination depending on flow depth and if I want it to sink quick or create a cloud, and as it gets colder some mole Hill soil or leam this adds weight and aids break down time and cuts the amount of feed in your chosen mix. Just some ideas mate.
Sound advice here šŸ‘