what a sight

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What a sight i was, great angel2.gif , the Hells Angels N/E bike club had a big meeting today,.
They all met up at the clubhouse over the road from the tackle shop.
There must have been at least 100 bike's, the harley davidson was the most used bike, two too a bike that makes 200, thats exluding the ones who came by cars and vans, they were the ones who had the chuck wagon and beers sorted.One of the lads came into the shop to ask for permission to park his van on the carpark, yes he asked for permission

When they got on the bikes to have a cruise around, or to go to where they went to the sight and sound was one not to be missed, the people in the streets stopped and watched, even the traffic on the main road stopped to let them all out, wished i had my camera.

No doubt there will be a big party tonight for them.

In the 6 years that i have worked in the tackle shop, weekends only,
i have never seen or heard of any trouble from them.
The hells angels do a lot for charity, and donate large sums of money to a lot of charities. I know 4 of the members who are respected business men in my area,so appearances do decieve...

Next year i will have my video camera, might even ask one for a go on his harley davidson rocker.gif rocker.gif

i'm going to bait up

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Aug 11, 2001

you'll never meet friendlier people than bikers, how many car drivers stop to help you if you've broken down?? a biker will stop & help another biker.

The angels are great people but to many tar them with the brush from the past.

I have the pleasure of being married to an ex hells angel's daughter, Dians dad was an east coaster & still has his colours (he insists he's buried in them) & as is tradition i've promised to p**s on his grave.(because as you probably know , you never really leave the hells angels)

A mate of mine (Billy) had to bury his younger sister when one of the Eagles (local MC) crashed his bike with her on the back (its believed they were ran off the road but never proved) the amount of bikers who came for the funeral brought Stafford to a stand still as the Rattie's trike towed the coffins on a trailer, not one of the riders had a helmet on & the coppers just ignored it (imagine the hell they would have unleashed if they'd tried to arrest one with all the others in town !!!) The funeral courtage was escorted either side by bikers & before any of them entered the church Lucy's family were escorted to the front seats & given the flag which was covering her coffin.

Every year the Eagles (well outlaws as they are now) do a toy run for the hospital yet its never in the papers, but as soon as an incident arises anywhere near them they get a mention.

A few years ago a fella tried to kill someone outside their stone road HQ, the following day it was the Eagles who were in the paper not the bloke trying to kill someone, it was all their fault apparently even though the guy came from Stoke & none of the Eagles even knew him!!

A few years back a group of bikers raised thousands for Macmillans even the nurses went along on the bikes to help raise the money, one got a brilliant thank you when a miserable old fart blamed him for stealing his wallet (he was a cancer patient who would benefit from the money raised), from what was said he later admitted the guy never took his wallet but he hates bikers so he wanted to get one of them in trouble (some thank you eh?) the biker just shook his hand & told him it was all forgotten about!!! now how many people would do that?

I have never found a bad word to say about bikers or MC's in general, well except for the 16yr old hells angel wannabes who ride their mopeds around the playing fields while kids are on there.

Christ i've just realised how much i've written so before i finish Andy i'll give you one word of advice, the next time theres a meet just ask for a go of their bikes i can guarantee you'll get one of them who'll let you have a "razz" icon_smile.gif (won't say what will happen if you reck it though)


I'll have a fiver on the black un

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Have to agree with you Alan on the bad publicity,and as you say never a word about all the donations and good that they do.

you say ask on for a go,, well mate acouple of years aga i was near the clubhouse with my grand-daughter when see saw this BIG hog,, Courtney being Courtney she decided she wanted to have a look, ok i said but DONT TOUCH IT!!!!!! the chrome work was that shiny you could have had a shave from the reflection, we were admiring the bike the angel appeared, i think his name was Bob, oh chit i thought he saw our Courtney touching his bike, i tried to make my excuses to him but he would not liste to any off it,

What he done next was a very pleasant suprise, he aske me if he could sit Courteny on the bike,who am i to say no to a bloke who could rip my head off at the drop of a feather,

To this day when Courtney see's a bike she wants to know where Bob
She has seen him a couple of times and he always has time for her,once he even stopped his bike in the town centre to speak with her.
Bet they had a party and a half last night

i'm going to bait up

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Oct 5, 2001
Matlock Bath in the Summer attracts hundreds of 'Bikers'every summer weekend from miles around and there is very rarely any trouble.
The bikes are immaculate, clean and a spectacle.

Sadly , every year at least one of them dies, or causes an accident on the difficult roads around the area, overdoing it on their incredibly powerful machines.

Conversely, in 1986, on holiday in Port Grimaud in the South of France, I was eating in a roadside restaurant with my wife and my then 4 children betwwn the ages of 7 and 14.

A dozen or so 'Angels' with 'Chapter' badges pulled up on their Harleys and ordered food.

They then proceeded to act in the most intimidating manner I have ever witnessed in public and would have been instantly arrested in Britain!

They received the food, tipped it upside down on the tables and ate like animals with their fingers from the table tops, swaggering up and down the patio restaurant.
Moving to the roadside, 2 or 3 of them urinated over the slow moving cars going past! in full view of the world!

I quickly gathered the children and left, totally ashamed to even speak, in case I was associated with their GB numberplates!

Their accents were southern, and whether they were genuine Angels or not, I have no idea, but the experience coloured my thinking and that of my kids indelibly.
Why do the English act this way abroad?

Just proved to me that there are good and bad in all walks of life and absolutes do not exist!



Enough! I'm off!
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