What a man!


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Sep 23, 2020
In a opposite look at life, instead of 'what do we regret', how about those moments when someone truly, and absolutely, deserves to be called 'one of the lads'?

Years ago a family friend in her late 20's and her husband were on holiday in Egypt, one of these westernised resorts like Sharm.

Anyhow they'd gone out on a boat trip across the bay, and on getting off the boat slips and badly twists her ankle. Screaming in pain her husband has to carry her across the harbour and wait for about an hour for another boat to take them back, all whilst sat in the blazing sun.

Boat eventually turns up and by now the missus is getting faint from pain and heat exhaustion. Rob, the husband, picks her up when they get to Sharm, walks up the jetty and puts her down on the wall whilst he walks to the hotel to get a wheel chair.

He's just getting near the hotel and passing a bar he hears a shout "Rob, fancy a pint?" 'Why not!' he replies, and whilst his wife sweats in the Egyptian sun Rob sinks one or two frosty ones before finally getting the wheelchair. His wife (they're now divorced) was so faint she never realised how long he'd been gone nor the smell of beer on his breath.
Job done.