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Aug 11, 2001
Anybody else watching countrytracks on the beeb??

Just been watching the bit about canoeist-V-angler

The guy representing the canoeists claim they are scared to use the waterways due to threats etc from anglers, one of the things raised was the fact we pay for our right to use the water and they don't, he reckons the rivers are only managed for us anglers NOT for canoeists or boaters.....erm hasn't he heard of dreadging?? and the last time i checked boaters HAD to pay to use waterways!!

The best argument the guy could come up with against canoeists paying to use the waterways was "a mountain biker doesn't pay to use the road but a motorcyclist does"...how the hell can that be a comparison??

I would like to state on here that i have nothing against the decent canoeists its just the ar5eholes who think they are better than anglers and have more right to use the water than we do that i have a problem with.

I was fishing one day and got snagged on roots on the far bank, a guy coming down the river in his canoe offered to paddle over and see if he could get me untangled, he did it off his own back and i couldn't thank him enough, that kind of canoeist will always be welcome to go through any swim i'm using, the other sort can kiss my ass, get out and walk round me lol
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