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May 19, 2002
Match 7 of the season and our second visit of the season to one of my favourite venues – Rising Sun Fishery near Aldwark in North Yorkshire. This was our annual joint match with Guisborough AC and a change from Brafferton where we’d held this match for the last three or four years.

The two match lakes are just basic oblongs with 14 pegs on each - both are stocked very similarly other than there’s more crucians on pond 2 and more skimmers in pond 3 – although they have become a little more mixed since I first fished the place about five years ago. Both lakes have good numbers of ide - of a decent average size too – and mental carp that go to mid-doubles but are generally 2-8lb.

Initially I had about 22 names down but last-minute withdrawals and no-shows reduced that number to 16 – 12 from Stokesley and 4 from Guisborough – it did mean we could spread out a bit and avoid having to use the pegs on the ends of the lake, or the two on pond two that have developed a bit of a slope.
Rising Sun 49.jpg

I pulled out corner peg eight on pond two – I’ve fished it before and caught well fishing tight into the corner – an area which, due to the recent high temperatures and a lack of rainfall is currently dry-land. There were a number of twigs and small branches standing proud of the water just in the edge and the owner fetched a garden rake to retrieve them for me, however during the course of the match I did manage to fish out a veritable forest of other twigs. Up against the bank was only 6” deep so I was fairly confident that if I dumped a bit of bait in that area I’d be able to see if any fish arrived.

Rising Sun 47.jpg

Rising Sun 30.jpg

Rising Sun 32.jpg

It was a little deeper under the tree to my left and about 3’ from 2+2 all the way out to 10m+ straight out in front. After potting in some pellets, corn and casters to both margins I commenced fishing on the 2+2 line with a light rig looking for ide or crucians with maggot on the hook and just loose-feeding maggot. I caught three small perch so started loose feeding 4mm pellet instead. The perch lost interest and I got a chunky 8oz ide before all went quiet again – the next bite resulted in 20 feet of elastic streaming out of the pole as an angry carp headed for the next county. I don’t what they feed them on but the carp don’t half pull – the owner reckons it’s the water quality.

Rising Sun 01.jpg

I got another couple at intervals but I was struggling to catch silvers and also losing rather more carp than I was happy about - one bust me (on 0.18mm hooklength) and the hook pulled twice - one I’m fairly sure was foul-hooked but the other I almost had to the net when I lost it. I had a little wander along to speak to Tony and George who were both getting a few – Tony getting a decent skimmer on paste and George a chunky ide.

Rising Sun 16.jpg

Rising Sun 17.jpg

Rising Sun 46.jpg

Opposite me Jeff, Ian and Andy were doing battle with carp from time to time, copious amounts of elastic emanating from poles.

Rising Sun 25.jpg

Rising Sun 26.jpg

Rising Sun 21.jpg

Rising Sun 08.jpg

Rising Sun 09.jpg

Rising Sun 27.jpg

I’d avoided the margin due to the bright sunshine that was shining straight into it, however the sun vanished and the wind picked up a bit so I thought it worth feeding again. Unfortunately, two almost fully grown ducklings spotted me and in less than a foot of water had no problem in hoovering it all up. The only way to dissuade them was to fish there myself so I fed again and sat waiting for some fish to arrive. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long before I spotted some indications, banded pellet didn’t produce any bites but switching to a big bunch of maggots (half-a-dozen on a size 12) saw the float vanish, the water erupt and a sizeable carp heading out into the middle of the lake. Other than a single tench all the rest of the fish I caught were carp – varying from three to maybe eight pounds. I fed after each fish or each missed bite – a big pouch of casters and the same of 4mm pellets.

Rising Sun 31.jpg

With about an hour to go it started raining – varying from light drizzle to annoyingly heavy and persistent – and it never let up for the next three hours.

Rising Sun 02.jpg

In shallow water, despite fishing over depth, foul hooked fish are always likely and I landed one that I hooked in the tail and another that I hooked in the flank – a couple of others came off as the elastic bottomed out on their first run so were presumably also not hooked in the mouth. I wasn’t likely to get bust again as, due to the proximity of all the tree-roots – which none of the hooked fish headed for anyway – the rig I was using terminated in 8lb fluorocarbon – it’s a little more robust than nylon and would hopefully give me some protection if it rubbed against the exposed roots. The last fish I caught I bullied into the net in double-quick time in the hope I’d get another before the whistle but sadly that was it.

We started the weigh-in round at SteveR on peg one and after a short delay whilst we switched scales he dropped 43lb 13oz onto the scales.

Rising Sun 40.jpg

SteveW on the next peg just pipped him with 45lb 12oz

Rising Sun 41.jpg

Rising Sun 42.jpg

Bob, one of the Guisborough contingent had a real mixed bag for 18lb 4oz

Rising Sun 12.jpg

Ian on peg 4 had 44lb dead

Rising Sun 18.jpg

Rising Sun 19.jpg

Rising Sun 20.jpg

Jeff on peg 5 took the lead with 50lb 4oz

Rising Sun 23.jpg

Rising Sun 24.jpg

Andy on peg 6 dropped 33lb 12oz onto the scales

Rising Sun 05.jpg

Rising Sun 04.jpg

I was next on peg 8 and was thinking I might have 40lb – I only had 2lb 10oz of silvers but fortunately had more carp than I thought and finished with 48lb 2oz

Rising Sun 37.jpg

Rising Sun 38.jpg

Rising Sun 39.jpg

Andy (another of the Guisborough lads) was behind me on pond 3 and he also weighed 48lb 2oz

Rising Sun 06.jpg

Rising Sun 07.jpg

George was the last on pond two and although he had plenty of fish they were a smaller average size and he weighed 30lb dead

Rising Sun 14.jpg

Rising Sun 15.jpg

Tony reckoned he’d clicked 80lb and he’s usually pretty accurate – although on this occasion a little more cautious than normal, weighing in 77lb 6oz

Rising Sun 43.jpg

Rising Sun 44.jpg

Rising Sun 45.jpg

Chris from Guisborough was on peg two and weighed 27lb dead.

Rising Sun 13.jpg

Round to the other side and Ade the final member of the Guisborough contingent had 10lb 4oz from peg 14.

Rising Sun 03.jpg

Juliet had 13lb dead from peg 12

Rising Sun 28.jpg

Rising Sun 29.jpg

The only challengers to Tony’s weight would likely be from the next three pegs, Matty had plenty of carp and weighed 67lb 14oz from peg 11

Rising Sun 33.jpg

Rising Sun 34.jpg

Paul had a load of silvers but less carp and claimed second spot with 71lb 8oz

Rising Sun 36.jpg

Rising Sun 35.jpg

Finally Barry had broken two Stillwater Blues during the process of catching 64lb – sadly the rain killed my camera so the last couple of shots are not too clear.

Rising Sun 10.jpg

Rising Sun 11.jpg

All told we hauled 693lb to the scales which I don’t recall ever occurring before – there are actually people who say there’s no fish in this place – possibly looking for excuses when they catch nowt.



Next match we're off to Brafferton again - Spring Lake this time - pegs 1-30



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Sep 18, 2001
Great report and pictures as always Simon.
Great to see some decent weights on the scales. :upthumb:


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Jul 19, 2020
A hard fought match by the looks of it and some tidy weights too - thanks for the great report


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Nov 26, 2019
Those carp at Rising Sun really are crackers 🤪🤪🤪 I had a few go off like rockets on the pole last summer.