West Midlands Club Anglers - 2-3 members wanted

The Big Fella

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Jan 11, 2007
Hi all

We are a social group of lads/fogeys that go out for social knock ups around West Mids & East Mids and have a "craic" from almost March each year to early December

Due to a couple of lads leaving there are 2-3 spaces if anyone is interested!

Everything is on commies, we like shorter walks and breckies if available on site are preferred LOL ;-)

The next thing to point out though is you will never get rich from our club as we spread the payouts around example if 14 fish we pay out first 5 or if 10 fish we pay first 4.
So £10er to pay on the day for pools and if 14 x fish payouts are £40/£33/£28/24/£15 or if 10 fish its £35/£28/£22/£15 you get the gist......

However having said that we known each other for many years and the ability to have a laugh and not take things to serious on the banter front deffo helps

The cost is £125.00 payable up front for 13 x matches peg fees (so it covers people who miss a match but peg fees can still be paid) and venues are as follows:-
Note: You do not have to fish every match and during the season most anglers will miss 1-2 matches due to clashes thats fine etc

Sunday 27th February - Tunnel Barn Farm High Pool - Brekkies available
Sunday 27th March - Peatling Pools Harrow Pool
Sunday 24th April - Lower Park Fishery Lowland Pool - Brekkies available
Sunday 15th May - Makins Reptile Pool - Brekkies available
Sunday 29th May - Bonehill Mill Big Lake - Brekkies available
Sunday 12th June - Lower Park Park Lake - Brekkies available
Sunday 24th July - Manor Farm Leisure Middle Pool - Brekkies available
Sunday 21st August Bonehill Mill Doughnut Lake - Brekkies available
Sunday 11th September - Lower Park Swan Lake - Brekkies available
Sunday 2nd October - Makins Fishery Lake 4 - Brekkies available
Sunday 23rd October - Peatling Pools Plough Lake
Sunday 13th November - Bonehill Mill Big Lake - Brekkies available
Sunday 11th December - Tunnel barn Farm New Pool - Brekkies available

There are no Individual Champs over the season its simply ran as knock ups with banter have a laugh

We do draws around 8.15 and fish 10ish - 4 in summer or 10ish- 3.30 in winter dark night territory

Socially we also have ran a 4 day fishing festival at Costa Del Skeggie but possibly another venue next year and that's optional (12-13 fish most years)

If interested drop a line or if you want more info call me Craig on 07928 861426

PS Andy Power, Will Raisons, Jamie Hughes you better than us mere mortals and got bigger fish to plunder so need not apply :)