Wellingborough & DNAC Pairs Charity Match November 24

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
Wellingborough and District Nene Angling Club

150th Anniversary Charity Match

On behalf of Service Six*


Sunday 24th November 2019

Match: to be a pairs contest – 1 competitor on River Nene and 1 competitor on Stillwater. Entrance fee £40 per pair.

Fished in accordance to Angling Trust Competition Rules but only silver fish count. (Only Crucian carp of carp varieties to count – all other coarse fish except Pike and Zander will count)

Draw: Raunds Town Football Club from 7:00 am


River: River Nene Ringstead Island – 40 pegs

River Nene Ringstead Shallows – 30 pegs

Stillwater: Mill Cotton Fishery - 40 Pegs

Willowbrook – 15 pegs

Rysons – 15 pegs

Additional pegs will be added as required

(Ringstead Shallows – Donated by Nigel Roberts; Willowbrook and Rysons donated by Hodge of Willowbrook Fisheries)

*Service Six
A registered charity that helps to make sure that vulnerable & disadvantaged children, young people, adults & families within your local community get the help and support they desperately need. www.servicesix.co.uk

£1000 first prize subject to a minimum of 100 competitors – see attached proposed pay out.

Match will be broken down into Sections and Zones

For each 5-peg section there will be a £25 Prize for the top weight

Points for the pairs will be based on 10 peg zones giving 10 points for 1st in zone 9 for second and so on There will be zero points for no weigh in.

(Where an uneven number of pegs occurs, additional number will be added to the earlier sections and zones and unfortunately there may be split zones).

If more than 1 pair have equal points, then weight will be used to determine the winner.


Number of Competitors 60 100 140

First Prize £600 £1000 £1000

Runners up £250 £250 £450

Third place £150 £150 £300

Fourth place £100 £100 £150

Section Prizes £300 £500 £700

Total Pay-out £1400 £2000 £2600

Donation to Service Six £300 £500 £700

TOTAL £1700 £2500 £3300

Total Receipts

Match Fees £1200 £2000 £2800

Donations £500 £500 £500

TOTAL £1700 £2500 £3300

In addition, there will be an optional £10 INDIVIDUAL “Super Pool” on the day. This will be fully paid on an individual basis based on income and be split accordingly between River and Stillwater.

First place in each category - 40% of POOL

Second 30%

Third 20%

Fourth 10%

(e.g. if 30 river anglers and 20 stillwater anglers enter the pool then pay-out will be as follows:

River - £120; £90; £60 and £30. Stillwater - £120; £90; £60 and £30)

Tickets or enquiries

Sam Cortese 07970956788

Ivor Stokes 07801089671

Websters, Irthlingborough

Chiltern Baits, Desborough

Neil ofthe nene

Doing things differently.
Site Supporter
May 4, 2009
Just in case it wasn't clear, this is an open competition not restricted to club members.