Weird Things


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Apr 23, 2008
Black dog and Myself do a fair bit of early morning walking, Out and about early doors before most of the world has even got outta bed

Being as he is a sniffer, he likes to get his nose down on the search for whatever small dogs find interesting and I often find myself dawdling

during those dawdling moments, I have a bit of a look around, scan the area while Im awaiting himself to finish like

these moments, have often found me things that iffin I had just been strolling on, I would of never seen or noticed, some of them have been some strange old things that appear where you would least expect them

today was one of those days, started off, crossing the road near the rail lines when looking down, I spotted a two pound coin, thank you very much I thought as I picked it up and stuffed it in my pocket,

getting futher up the road and close to the grocery shop, more spon came my way in the shape of two 5p coins and a 2p, proper in profit now, smiling !

reached the golf course area on the east cliff and let him off the lead for a running session, off he goes past the bowling green and tennis courts and into the bushes on the hunt for small furry things to terrorise

we'll have a sit down Micky thinks I, wait for him to reappear, planted my arse on one of the kiddies swings in the play area and rolled myself a smoke, took in the views like,

you can look out over the sea here, to my left was martello tower no1 and to my right the mound where martello tower no 3 sits

see for miles over the water, while perusing the ships that are travelling along the worlds busiest marine highway, im distracted when summat bright orange just on the edge of the grassed area in front of the cliffs catches my eye, wondering what it is, I await the return of my little killing machine and think on investigating it then,

fags finished and out he comes, legging it toward me with summat bright yellow clenched in his teeth, dropping it at my feet, it turns out its a tennis ball, a good un and all, a dunlop, few barks and Im launching it through the air, chucking it in the direction of the bright orange item, off he goes, likes a bally thing he does, gets proper excited at me bunging it for him

coupla chucks later and we are there,

wassat I intone to the dog with a mouthfull of ball, and lean down to pick the dayglo item up

its a Dart, a bloody great big Dart, must be better part of a foot to fourteen inches long, and weighing a fair bit, with a sharp old pointy bit on the front, I kid you not, this thing looks lethal, now what its doing there I know not why ?

but its mine now,

not a bad walkin eh, Im rich, he has a new ball, and I got summat to stash in the curiosity box


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Jul 4, 2019
I always expect to find something weird doing my job being in and out of houses that people have just vacated but so far found zilch, other than a Mr Men Mr Lazy keyring and a metal Tobacco case. I've set myself a goal of finding a Ming Vase and Rubber Chicken (preferably with a pulley in the middle for the game Monkey Island fans) but so far have only found one Ming Vase I had to leave in place for the new tenants.