Weird day everything gone wrong happy


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Apr 27, 2003
Okay so fur and feather today

everything went wring except winning the raffle bu i had a throughly enjoyable day
What went wrong
I drew a favourite peg a feeder Chuck to the island which pushed me to fish for carp, but im s**t at winter carp and prefer silvers.
so i switched between two methods pole for silvers feeder for carp
After an hour you hear of people catching carp. So i spent more time going for carp
I tipped back about 10lb as i had along walk back. Yep i had longest walk as well
I managed to break a No2 section through being silly
I then trashed the rig shipping out and knocked over all my pellets
I lost alot of fish when almost at net not sussed out why no real pressure
So the weights came in 70lb won it
Second was 11
Third was just 7
All the carp were small except winners
I know if i fished for skimmers i had 20lb+ As i caught some every time i dropped on them from start to finish.

But im sitting here not unhappy or annoyed just happy to have had a nice days fishing.?


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Apr 21, 2018
We have all been there, annoying but it happens ,I will not tip back anytime now after I did the same in a match when told others had caught well, it was an open on the wallers I tipped back about five pound and it was only three that won it . proper ticked off with my mate for telling me.


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May 31, 2018
You should never tip back unless you know for sure what the other weights are.

I once won a match with about 8oz. of gudgeon. I nearly didn’t bother weighing as I heard that Tench and carp had been caught, but it was a horrible day and I was going to weigh after sitting in the cold for hours.

One tench and one carp had been caught but my bag of gudgeon beat both of them(y):ROFLMAO: