weds evening series round 3


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Apr 23, 2008
Another week has passed, seven days slipped bye, it seems to go so quick

it was time to sort the gear out again for another trip over to Sandwich coarse fishery for the 3rd round of the evening series

the pole was wiped off and re shined with a tad of warm water and a rub of auto glym and the smashed margin rigs retied and replaced in the rig boxes, heavier line this time, I had found some old preston powerline in 0.20 and used this as a stopgap until the newly purchased shimano aspire in 0.22 arrives by post

half a dozen NG XT Gandhi's in 0.2 and 0.3 were utilised in the search for the attack on the margin munters,

along with a couple of Daiwa margin poles that had been gathering dust in the corner of the upstairs back room, these were a purchase off E bay a while back, and had just been sitting there doing nowt

Daiwa fast carpiin 4.3mtr 3 section shock stick type things that were rated to 20 elastics, theres 3 of em, originally bought cheaply on ebay because I erroneously thought that they were just heavy topkits that could of fitted on my existing range of Daiwa poles, another fail, the diameter of the no3's female section was far bigger than my existing no4's male sections, cant use em for that so use em for what they intended for !

the rest of the gear was in good order so preparation was quite short this week, but the thinking was quite long

Ive been struggling with, should I do what I do best, which is speed fishing to hand for a multitude of the smaller silverfish or should I sit it out for these carp that have frustrated all my efforts in landing them thus far, I was still undecided as I loaded the van

The trip over the hill, then down through Dover port and along the new road that was built to improve access to the Pfizer factory and laboratories (they closed and moved abroad almost as soon as it was finished) was reasonably uneventful, no buzzards this week, half hour of reasonably constant 50-60mph travelling soon saw the fishery sign appear on the left

in and pulling up in the car park, weather was nice, a sultry warmth had enveloped the whole of the south east all day though there was a prospect of a bit of rain or a shower or two in the clouds that were drifting along the channel coast, a light breeze that merely put a small ripple on the surface of the ponds and lakes was nice, cooling the muggy feel to the early evening

wasnt first there again, young alan and big dave were sitting under the timber gazebo that covers the outside dining area, greetings exchanged, i wandered over to to the serving hatch to place my order for munchies, Kevin, the owner of the fisherys serving today, ordering a mug o tea, I request a big breakfast, not having eaten since around 10am, the prospect of a large fry up seemed to fill that gap

good brekkie here, decent amount of back bacon, two sossies, two eggs, beans, toms couple of rounds of toast, goes down very well for a decent price too

spent a very pleasant hour chatting about fishing and the prospects for the gig in hand, we were on a different lake for tonight, the second of the purpose built match lakes,

its roughly the same as the one we fished over the last two weeks, but seems to be more carpy in its fishing, holding a fair few F1's as well as normal carp and a plethora of silvers

time passes as the other adherants arrive and its soon time for the bag of chance

first to draw this week, in the paw went and out it came with the token numbered 14, this meant little to me, not really knowing the pond greatly, ended up having an empty peg to my right on 13, and Ian, kevs brother on peg 15 to my left

quick trundle round with the preston pram showed it to be very pleasing to the eye, trees either side and reed beds going out around 5 metres into the pond, the reeds on the left had had a bit of trimming back and thinning out as the pile of leaves and roots at the rear of the peg on the other side of the access path showed

the right hand reed bed had a couple of rat holes in it, one close to the margin and another around a top 3 sections out, made my mind up straight away where the shock sticks were going to be employed

4 kits for the vintage daiwa 510 pole this week

two were loaded with the NG dark blue hollo 4-8 elastic NG Micro Bore Hollow Pole Elastic 4-8, 1.5mm, Blue – Float Store

two were loaded with the NG white hollo 6-10 elastic NG Amber Core Hollow Pole Elastic 6-10, 1.65mm, White – Float Store

each pair had one rig made up with an NG XT cane tipped chianti copy in 0.5g set for on the deck fishing NG XT Cane Tip Finesse Carbon (Chianti), ROHACELL High Density foam body. – Float Store

and the other made up with an NG XT hayfield in 0.2g for shallow and dropping through the water NG XT Hayfield – Float Store

that was my silvers rigs, all were 0.14 shimano aspire lines to drennan silverfish maggot hooks in size 18 on a 2lb bottom

the two margin poles were set up exactly the same with the previous mentioned rigs

baits today were red and white live maggot, mixed colour deads, a tin of green giant and mixed sizes of skretting pellet

I also set up a 11ft feeder rod for hoofing to the far bank reeds with a 30 gramme method and a size 16 drennan carp bandit pre tied hooklength

wasnt ready for the off again, gave em all 5 mins head start before i had arranged myself comfortably on the peg

out went the cupping kit, loaded with deads and a few pellets in a big preston cup, depositing the load in the chosen two ratholes to the right reed beds, then a scattering of loose fed maggot at 4 sections to my front

grabbing the old stand bye to hand top kit, the shotted on the deck chianti rig was chosen, checked and employed, flicking it out so the rig was laid as to let it fall in an arc towards the bottom, while feeding half dozen whites as it sunk,

the first bite was a proper one, the bright red slim tip, sliding away at speed, lifting in showed resistance, the blue laccy pulled out the kit and a short tussle soon had a decent 4oz rudd on the end, these are really pretty fish in this pond, brightly coloured things, a joy to the eye, love em, even though some call em nuisance fish

flick, bite, lift, net, the rythym was soon in action, a mix of roach, rudd and burglars slipped into the weave of the keepnet to my front, proper enjoyable fishing, nothing huge, but really tidy fish, the first hour sped past,

stopping for a quick slurp of coffee, a fag was lit and the margin pole was picked up, have a go there now mate, see whats occuring, the short line between the pole tip and float was guided into the hole furthest from the platform, and a waiting game began

nowt happened, though I remembered to keep the feed going into the front swim, multi-tasking eh, must be my feminine side coming out, gave it 15 mins then re fed it with more deads and pellet and out back on the front line

the catch rate was still good, bite a bung, though not a fish a bung, Im not that good ! the feeding showed a few swirls on the surface so the heavier elastics shallow kit was picked up and sent out, there was no real reason for swapping to the white, it was just the first one I picked up

then the phone rang, now Im not normally one to answer it while Im fishing, but it showed the name of my Wench on it, and being a reasonable sort of fella, I thought, she wouldnt ring me while I was fishing lessin it was important, her knowing better like

as I pick it up and answer, the float shoots under with a proper savage up in the water bite, catching me a tad unaware, now I can multi task as above, but trying to hold the phone, speak, play and net a fish is a bit different, and it was a good fish too, kiting around while Im being informed that I didnt need to pick up milk on the way home as she had got some herself WTF !!!!!!

click, whirr and the telecommunication devils device was flung onto the sidetray, as I tried to swing what really wasnt a swinger in, I was glad of the heavier laccy then, the dark blue woulda stretched far to much, grabbing the fish, I unhooked it and it squirmed as I was trying to get it in the net all kinda discobobulated like and it made its escape, bouncing off the rim and back to Freedom, I think Ian on 15 heard me swear just a tiny bit,

bloody women, I wasnt planning on getting bloody milk on the way home anyway !

gave it another quarter hour out to the front then went back over both ratholes in search of a munter or two, epic fail, the short stubby tip of the gandhi just sat there immobile, even put a small pole pot on the magin pole and fed directly over the float, nothing doing

back out on the catching line, swapping between depths caught a few more, until the whistle went, jesus I thought thats gone quick, so I checked the time, and it was so, the gig was over, really sped bye this week, I suppose it does when your enjoying yourself a fair bit

weigh in time,

dial swings round to show a tad short of 14lb of decent roach, rudd and a few stripeys in the net, I thought I had more, reckoning on 15 to 18lb, hard to guess sometimes with silvers

wasted far too long on the margin search, crazy aint it, came fully prepared this week and not even a sniff !

Ian took the honours this week with a net of F1's and proper carp for just over 40lb, including a beast that he hooked 10 mins before the all out and was still trying to get in 10 mins after the whistle lololol

good evenings fishing in very good company

looking forward to next week
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Jul 15, 2009
Very nice write up Mick. Loving the detail. ###### mobile phones ? Would the lost fish made much of a difference ? Well done fella. ?


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Apr 21, 2018
shame about the change of venue Mick,by all accounts you enjoyed it though as I know you like like banging out a few silvers.

did you ask the framers what and how so as you can have a go at the winning formulae ?
never be afraid to ask mate. .
look forward to reading next weeks instalment.