Web Bugs - one more internet privacy invasion

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Jan 19, 2002
So you thought you were OK now that you have AntiVirus protection, a firewall, and Ad-aware to remove spyware cookies.

Well maybe not. Web Bugs are another in the seemingly constant attempts by web/email folks to invade your privacy without mentioning their presence to you.

Read about them Here and more information Here.

Do be careful with the 2nd article though. They do tell about blocking cookies on your PC but fail to mention the number of perfectly legit sites that won't work at all without cookies enabled. You might do better to get the latest version of Internet Explorer which allows blocking of 3rd party cookies (from a site other than the one you are visiting) and to ask before accepting a session cookie (a one-time sort of cookie rather than the long term ones like MD uses to remember who you are).

Newt Vail

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