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Dec 10, 2005
Junior Section Summer Series

Wednesday 23rd May was the start of the junior summer series. The first match was on Flanshaw Dam Wakefield. The dam is a small fishery measuring about 40 yards by 60 yards and is approx five feet deep. It is a mixed fishery and is situated just off Flanshaw Lane opposite the Eagle Public House. The match started at 6pm and fished until 9pm. I watched two good quality fish being caught each putting up a good fight. Young Elisia Rose, aged 8, caught a 9lb 4oz carp on her pole at about 11meters. Josh Reynolds caught very steadily throughout the match: Mr Ice (Josh) is a seasoned junior winning the NFA Individual Cadet in the National a couple of years ago. You may have read in previous reports of Tom Budby. Tom loves this kind of water and is in the main, a carp venue angler. However Tom has proved himself on the hardest of canals in the winter months. Tonight Joel Whitley was finding it hard to get bites but kept at it and had a good weight by the end of the match. Josh Mullarky was enjoy the evening catching some good fish including a good carp . For some of the juniors whose first match this was it was not easy. The lowest weight was 4oz as some of the new anglers have only just started fishing after attending our beginners classes led by Frank Wright and Harry Lodge and practical lessons by Steve Arabskji.


Cadets (under 12s)

1st Elisia Rose 9lb 8ozs


2nd Emilly Rose 2ld 7ozs

Juniors (under 16s)

1st Josh Reynolds 16lb

Josh Renolds

2nd Josh Mullarky 14lb 10oz

Josh Mullarky
3rd Joel Whitley 9lb 7oz

Intermediates (under 18)

1st Tom Budby 13lb 14oz


2nd Jason Orwin 11lb 10oz

The juniors next Wednesday evening match is on 30th May on the Calder and Hebble canal Horbury Bridge, behind the Bingley Arms public house pegs 75 to 90.

We are now looking for young angler between the ages of 8 -17 who have some experience. The club will recommence its beginners classes in September 07.

For details of our popular Junior section please contact David Speight on 0795 808 3224
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