Virtual Fishing Match, Sunday 24th May, 8:00pm


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Aug 8, 2001
I've had lots of requests for another Virtual Fishing Match, so this Sunday 8:00pm, if you wish to attend it is free, no monies involved, just a laugh -
Just post your names and your Joker round down below and I'll close the list at 6:00pm Sunday evening


- About an hour and a half of your time
- Everyone gets to pick a Joker round where their weight in that round is doubled
- No money required, no monetary pools, just bragging rights

-The Random weight selector will change after every net weigh

Anglers names go in Right hand sheet, 5 weighs to the side plus total weight column.
Angler selects column/row (ie H5) get weight shown at time in that row, ie 0.4KG and Species as shown ;)
After 5 rounds the highest aggregate weight wins
Screen shot after each round and Live Stream in to the match thread showing results and weighs at all times ;)

1st, 2, 3rd place, plus sections :)

32 Pegs - First come first served

If you want to join in please post below and select which round you want as your Joker

See you on the bank :)