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Jan 24, 2002
hi all
ive been invited to fish a match on virginia lake just outside wisbech on 14th & 28th april.
ihad known of this lake for several years but had never got round to fishing it. well the lad next door to me had an afternoon free yesterday and so i dropped him off down there ive been teaching him on rivers for last 18months.
we had a look round the lake & i picked a corner peg out for him
& just give him a bit of advice then left him to get on with it
i wasnt going to fish that day so took the oppertunity to check all the new facilities .
there was a graded camping & caravaning site, clubhouse, tiolets & even a small tackleshop + some static vans for hire.
the pegs were all quite comfortable.
i got talking to an angler i know & he told me that he had had 4 carp from the peg ide put phil on the evening before the best 23lb all on the pole any way i went back later to pick phil up & he tod me he had had 4 tench to 5lb but had been smashed up 7 times by large carp he had decided to fish tight up to the reeds withh only 5lb line
& 12 elastic .

im trying it out on tues so will let you know how i get on

tight lines.
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