value help please


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Sep 3, 2018
looking to upgrade my pole but trying to get an idea of the value of my current pole before putting it up for sale

it a shimmano super ultegra ax 16 meter normally only fished out to around 13 meters
comes with
7 original top kits
4 additional top kits with side pullers
cupping kit (unused as used my garbo kit)
2 spare 4s
and dolly butt also

no dinks or repairs

i saw one go on the bay bit it only had 4 tops and no extra 4s so any ideas on the value please


Paul Cresswell

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Jun 14, 2006
This is a tricky one. Plus side, strong, hardwearing well made pole, no repairs, great spares selection. Downside is availability of spares and their cost of they were available.

That said still a very good piece of kit. I’ve had plenty of Shimano poles over the years and have a real soft spot for them and keep an eye on them on eBay.

If I saw your pole for sale for £500 I’d think that was a good fair price, £600 I’d think a tad overpriced, at £400 a real bargain. Just my opinion, will be interested to see what others think.