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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
I visited this firm today in Hucknall, Notts as whilst in Ireland, 2 items that they supplied caused me problems!
Firstly, the seperator block on my 19.99 Specimen Pike landing net broke (due to excess pressure in trying to break it down quickly to use as a weighing net!) and the central pin on my braid feeder reel came loose and fell out. This item was 30.00
Both products were replaced immediately, in the case of the reel pin, none was available, so I received a Brand new reel, retaining only my 3 spools!
They were replaced with no quibble! and a smile!
Excellent service and Esox20 tells me he has had a similar experience via mail order!

The products may seem cheap, but the service is exceptionally good.
I cannot recommend this firm highly enough in the light of my own experience.
Furthermore, whilst there , I picked up a 3 section carbon, landing net pole, 3 metres, light, firm and rigid in use for a tenner.
Used it on the Dove today, very satisfied!



Ziptrev pug_e0.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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