Upper Tamar

The Hitman

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Jul 5, 2017
With Tamar being just 5 miles from my house popped in yesterday for a session.

The plan was the fish the waggler shallow as everybody told me locally you will never catch, (I fished this method at Melbury previous week had 60lb), hence the reason for trying. always been one for taking no notice, so armed with 3 pints of caster of the Tamar i went.

I also set up window feeder at 35 turns on my centris 520, plus 4 sections of pole to try later in the session. Started on the waggler at about 15 metres, fishing 4 foot in 9ft of water, firing in 2 pouches of caster each cast, 10 minutes into the session i started to catch, these were roach and perch about 3-4oz. Continued this method for the next 2 hours and put 20lb in the net, had a few roach to 6oz but nothing bigger. I had put in 10 feeders full of Mainline Sweet marine dark with caster and corn at the start of the session, after the 2 hours on the waggler switched to the tip and put another 15 skimmers into the net over the next 2 hours, not as good as expected, did miss a few bites and pulled out of 5-6 fish. fished braid for the first time, took me a little while to get the measure of the bites. Last hour fished short on the pole feeding small balls of groundbait and caster, again catching some really nice Roach, Perch and Rudd on that 5 metre line, think a whip might have been a better choice but still not decided which one to get. Think i will go with the Acolyte 6m, was thinking of the Daiwa Air but at £500 can't justify at the moment, but you never know!

Lost a couple of big perch short towards the end of the session which was a shame but overall i has estimated weight of 40lb, so very enjoyable 5 hours. Going back again in a couple of weeks, think i will focus on the short pole next time as the stamp of roach was much bigger against the waggler.

If you come down here on holiday you must visit both the Tamar's. Great fishing.