Upper Tamar Silverfish Mecca.

The Hitman

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Jul 5, 2017
Yesterday's visit to Tamar

With Tamar being so Close and pending match in August this is my focus at the moment. If you like your silverfish fishing this has to be the mecca. After my last visit i decided to change my tactics to avoid the Perch and target the Roach and Skimmers, felt these will give me a better weight. Spoke to the local tackle dealer who suggested I try soft pellets rather than casters. He said that most people never fish the soft pellet they just spend time on the feeder with natural baits. Tamar is fished for Carp and a huge amount of pellets are put in weekly.

Started the session putting in 6 large feeders full of Pro Natural Dark, mixed in were 2mm cell pellets, corn and hemp. Put this in at 26 turns on my Centris 520. fished mono as it was a short chuck and only used a 10ft feeder rod.

Set the pole up at 5 sections and cupped in 2 big cups of micro's mixed with hemp and corn. This was going to be my main attack fishing a 6mm soft pellet.

Plan was to fish the feeder for the first hour then go out on the pole.

Started at 10.30 to mirror the match start time and finish at 4.30, out went the feeder at 26 turns, tip goes' round and missed bite, this happened for the first 4 casts, then i started to catch steady, put 10 skimmers in the net and it went quiet. Time for the pole, for the next 3 hours had a bite every put in, either missed, landed or pulled fish, mainly Roach 2-6 oz with a few skimmers mixed in. in that 3 hours i clicked 75 fish, was happy with that, feel if i had a whip the catch rate would have been much higher, ordered the Daiwa Air.

Unfortunately the wind got up too much to continue on the pole after that, last 2 hours was spent on the tip, the catch rate reduced but i did pick up a few more skimmers on the 26 turn line and some bigger roach on the shorter line.

Overall clicked 131 fish in the 6 hours, no scales, had a witness who was fishing next to me, between us we thought 45-50lb was about right on the day.

Once again another fantastic days fishing in stunning scenery.

Back again in the next couple of weeks.