Upper Tamar Again!

The Hitman

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Jul 5, 2017
With my first match since October last year getting closer i had another practice session on Upper Tamar.

The best anglers including England internationals go there and fish with natural baits, (i tried that that but just caught loads of small perch). obviously works for this big guns. . However over the last few weeks i decided to fish with corn and pellets as my main line of attack. Had 2 sessions now and i must say my catch rate has been excellent. Appreciate it might not be enough to beat the big guns but it might be good enough to frame in my club match.

Arrived at 9.00 as normal, no rush to do anything in sleepy Devon. Walked round and on peg 1 was a local angler that has recently qualified for the Feeder masters final, perfect i thought, i can get to know him and get a few tips. He was on peg 1 so I sat on peg 2, this is on the Devon bank just after you leave the dam wall.

My attack today was, open end feeder at 25 turns on my Centris 520, using my 9-10 Daiwa Air AGS feeder rod . 6lb main line, decided not to use braid on this occasion. Bait wise, 1 bag of Bait-Tech Dark lake. half bag of cell micros, tin of corn and tin of help, this was introduced via matrix medium cage.

My 2nd line, pole @ 8m fishing soft pellet over micros and hemp.

Started of putting in 6 feeders of bait on the feeder line and 2 cups full of micro's and hemp on the 8m line.

My intention was to fish 10.30 till 4.30 to mirror any match conditions.

Started on the feeder and started to catch skimmers from the off, had about 5lb in the first hour until a cormorant decided to go through the peg, time to rest and move on the pole again, another strong 2 hours catching roach every 3-4 minutes, at this stage i felt things were slowing again, topped up with 2 balls of groundbait and a cup of hemp. Then went back out of the feeder, 1 hour left. Had 3 skimmers and the line died again. Maybe i need to top up when i go on the pole.

Last half hour had 10 roach of good quality to finish at 4.30.

Got the net's out and we had a look, estimated high 30's or early 40's which was a great days sport. The Guy next to me caught well but his stamp of fish were smaller using worm and caster.

Once again Upper Tamar delivered.

Back again next week for my final practice before my match fishing starts again.