Universal Pole Top Kits

Rob Manchester

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Jul 31, 2021
I have read several people's thoughts on universal pole top kits but not many make reference to the sizes that are available. I am looking for some that will fit onto a pole with a measurement at the unshipping point of 17.5mm diameter. I understand that the is some chance that the fit may not be as good as original top kits as there may be a difference in taper between the pole and top kit. I want them for silvers so upto 8 elastic max would be fine, usually less.

I do remember some horror stories of cheap universal kits being c**p - I think these originated from a cheap fishing tackle dicount outfit. But I have heard some say that the better ones are quite good.



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Jan 22, 2019
Take your no3 section with you if you’re buying at a shop. You’ll be surprised how much you have to cut off a universal to achieve a proper fit & the more you cut the more difference to the action of your pole - & not in a good way….