Typical tale


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Jun 26, 2012
So I got smashed up and broken up on both my top two kits within the last fortnight, both my connectors went and was forced to tie a crab type knot in my elastics.
Got home ordered some new connectors from e-bay and a couple of new elastics from NG tackle.
Connectors arrive (most of them very small) and await the new elastics.
Back from dog walking this morning and posty has been and delivered new elastics.
Had a bit of lunch and says to SWMBO that i'm going to fit new elastics.
Fit silvers one pce of pss, no struggle at all, go to fit carp one and elastic is too fat to go through any connectors so say to wife I know I've got a dacron out in the shed somewhere I'll go and have a look.
Find Dacron, also find spare elastics where I bought two sets last year, doh
Moral of the story, buy, buy again and find original.


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May 31, 2019
Me too. I can spend an hour looking for something but I won’t find it until the replacement arrives. :LOL: