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Apr 23, 2008
Sat sitting at the devils device the other night, perusing possible purchases of new two wheeled transportation

and theres that little "ding" noise, the one that alerts you to the fact that some form of contact has been made with your internetty persona

and lo and behold its youngest brother, the baby of the family, my birthday present, my very own little live action man,

"Ive booked on too" slightly puzzled ?, connections are attempted and made, and the fact is established that he too, as well as myself has put his name down for participation in this years Open competition at Sandwich fishery this coming saturday

I will be down, friday Tea time'ish he states,

now Geoffrey, forsooth that is his name, lives far to the north, across the great riverin the land of the east saxons, and contact is limited thus, so it was with great delight that I sat with the black dog and awaited his arrival at the abode on the channel coast

true to his word, the tap on the door is greeted by excited barky guarding noises by the pup, for his "unca geoff" is also one of the black beasts favourite fellas, meet and greet, earholing abounds as the small taily bit wags faster than it should ever really do

eventually by passing the small dog, the tackle is unloaded from his motor, for you should never leave such items out overnight in the vehicle, b'stards abound with no morals thy knows

a pleasant evening commences, interspersed with the purchase and consumation of earthly delights that both find agreeable, tis nice to catch up, and be in the company of one who understands you so well

retireing late, sleep comes upon us until the rising of the sun and the loading of the vehicular transport for todays adventure

an easy journey over to the venue sees us pulling up in the car park in plenty of time, we are not the only early ones and a nice meet and greet along with ribaldry and banter ensues, breakfasts are ordered, consumed and bo11ox talked, required baits purchased from the on site tackle shop and alls right with the world,

both the match lakes are in today and every peg is taken, hearing this, my plan is formed, wheras Geoff being more of a specimen, session angler elects to fish how he normally does in the pursuit of the bigger carp in the ponds

Draw time arrives, delving in, peg 9 sticks to my paw, and the sibling draws peg 17, both on different lakes, geoof having the longer walk

wishing each other the best of luck, the journeys commence

my peg on arrival, looked alright, reeds-rushs both sides with an interesting looking margin to the left, and a rathole cut out in the reeds over to the far bank for iffin I chucked a feeder, that'll do, the right hand reeds went out to around a short 5 length, and the one to the left not quite as far, the platform was rather on the small size though, only just fitting the ancient Boss box with the side trays on both wings, requireing a bit of balance to climb around

baits for today were, live maggot, both red and white, corn, soft hooker pellets, 6mm boilies, and a plethora of pellets from 4 to 8mm, groundbait was Marukyu 131 for the method and Sonubaits black supercrumb

4 top kits for the daiwa 510 pole were set up, today was going to be a simple approach,

the first two out the tubes were both loaded with NG white hollo, rated 6-10, but set slightly slacker than normal on the internal winder bungs

the first was rigged to a long lining top 4 to hand set up, NG cane tipped carbon stemmed chianti copy in 0.5g, rig line 0.14 to a drennan silverfish maggot size 18 hook on a 2lb bottom, shotted for through the water fishing

the second had a hillbilly Gazzunder stepped shoulder F1 float rated 4 x 10, lines and hooks as the first rig, shotted with a loose bulk and single dropper

the other two kits were both power kits with the no1's removed and loaded with NG black hollo rated at 12-16 and both set tightish to the winder bung

both were carbon copies of each other, having NG slim gimp floats in 0.4, rig lines of 0.17 and hooklengths of 0.15, one with a size 16 drennan wide gape carp, and the other with a hair rigged 3.8mm gardner band to the same hook, both shotted as a simple bulk and one dropper

a 11ft feeder rod was got out the bag and mated to a method feeder with a 3 inch banded pellet sharp bit

set up the 5mtr shock stick, with 0.22 main to 0.17 hooklength, 0.2 NG ghandi, size 16 drennan wide gape carp, just in case the munters turned up in the margin

all ready in plenty of time for the whistle, Ive spent time at home lately, in prep, making up and marking rigs as to line lengths, uses etc, tied multiples of the same, even fitted them with hooks so they are ready to use straight from the tray, instant changes if needed,

todays approach was to be slightly different from my norm, I had been chatting to Kevin Dyer, a silverfish angler of repute and a long time member of the Preston Innovations Delcac team, and in the process, had gleaned a few snippets of information that I was going to try out today

whistle goes, All in !

at the off, using the info, I rolled a few small nuggets of the sonubaits dark crumb, about half a golf ball size each, and chucked em out to my intended silverfish lines, hoping to draw in some of the skimmers and bream that reside in the pond, then flicking over them a dozen or so maggot,

out went the top 4 to hand rig, set at dead depth, and shotted to fish through the water in search of the roach and rudd, this session though, instead of lifting the rig and relaying it in again as the float fully settled, I was to give it a minute or so actually on the bottom, the bait settling in or around the areas where the crumb was lying

the first hour went well, taking roach and rudd on the drop, and a couple of small hand sized skimmers over the GB, loose feeding the maggot lightly, both next pegs had started on the method to the far bank, and had a couple skimmers and smalish carp, at this moment I was pretty near even stevens weight wise in the nets,

continuing feeding out to the front with the nuggets and maggot, I switched kits and rigs to the gazzunder and went up tight to the right reed bed in search of quicker caught fish, loose feeding gentles and fishing around 6 inches off the deck, single red on the hook, this approach caught me a few smallish perch and a couple of nicely coloured rudd, but none of the net fish I was hoping for, gave it half hour or so then

got the long pole out and fed 2 big preston pots of damp 4 and 6mm pellets out at 8 sections, in the hope of a carp or a few F1's, leaving this, and going back on the too hand line after the silvers, going across the clock face at 10, 12, and 2, still catching, but not fast enough really, so the depth was changed, coming up from the deck to a foot off the bottom, slightly bigger fish, but still slowish, getting a bite maybe every third put in, and not hitting all of those

out goes the long carbon, dropping in over the pellet fed line with a banded hard 6mm on the hook, lots of movement but no dips, putting this down to the bait being pecked at by small fish, which was confirmed by the rig going under and me shipping back a micro roach that somehow had become impaled on the hook, sat on this line for an hour, for not much result, changed kits so I could use the soft pellet, which was stripped in minutes, and corn, pretty much wasted time really,

back to the gazzunder and the right hand reeds, yet again, small perch, roach and rudd, untill the rig positively buried and the white laccy streamed out, it didnt feel like a carp, there was none of that frenetic'ness of such fish, just a long slow run, until the hooklength gave way under the pressure, might of been a decent tench ???, who knows I never saw the fish

another period out to the front over the fed nuggets of GB and loose fed maggot caught more roach, couple of good ones too, loose feeding over caused swirls on the surface, the fish were coming up in the water, so depth was altered and the shot moved up the line,

this was quite fruitful if perplexing, getting real sailaway bites every put in yet not connecting with any fish, even hitting the indications before they were indications didnt hook anything, getting proper frustrated now, even pulled the rig in and checked and changed the hook, thinking it had blunted,

it was at this time Geoff turned up, he was having a hard day, as quite a few others were on his lake, not a lot was being caught at all, so he had decided to wander round and see how big bro was doing, he too couldnt understand how I was missing the bites, eventually we decided it was fry or yearlings grabbing the maggot and trying to tear off with it,

carried on, increasing the amount of feed, this helped, bringing a few more decent roach and rudd to the net along with a few palm sized skimbibblybobs

with half hour to go, I started getting worried about the amount of gentles I had left, they had dissapered at a goodly rate, the heavier feeding was working, but the bait was dwindling quick

theres the whistle, the all out

packed up quickly, geoff already had and tipped back for a DNW, as had a few on his lake, the one I was on fished far better, even though the are essentially straight copies of each other with similar stocking density

scales went round to record my weight as 12lb 8oz, for a days pleasant if frustrating angling, (finished in the top 10 with that !)

winner was neville off peg 5 with 43lb plus of proper carp, the other lake was won by kevin with just over 30lb

very enjoyable day with good company at a very good fishery

got to arrange a trip north of the great river now,
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Usual excellent write up of a pleasant days fishing.

I’m thinking 0.2 is too light for the margin, wafts around too much?

But otherwise a great read, thank you sir!

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Feb 2, 2017
Haven`t got any brothers just the one sister, she is older than me and was quite stroppy as kids but worms and spiders put her
in her place.

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Jul 26, 2018
I look forward to these reports & this one didn't disappoint. Thought it might have been the one where your luck changed though, mate.
Nice one Mick.