Tunnelbarn Firstgroup annual Championship

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Apr 2, 2010
Today saw the 3rd annual 5 person team championship for Company's in the Firstgroup dynasty. Tunnelbarn farm fishery provided the venue for the second year in a row after Cudmore in 2008.
Bolton "A" went into this match as reigning champions for the last 2 years and expectations today were high.
Top pool, House, extension, canal pool and Club pool were the lakes used.
Andy Meekin took his section despite losing 30lb of fish out of his discarded net and losing his top section during the match. The resident diver was used twice to help him out and retrieve his tackle. Ged was 3rd in his section, Phil fourth, yours truly was second off top pool wth 71.lb overall 3rd in match. Ringer Taylor was 7th in his section.
As the results came in it was clear that for the 3rd consecutive year, Bolton "A" had done it again. The generous payout to the team winners as well as section prize money and individual third payment ensured that all team members from Bolon "A" and "B" teams were rewarded and went home with a bit of a profit made. For the record, Bolton "B" came 4th. Well done lads......one day.....you won't have to take charity....!!!!!
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