Trout Pellets.

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Feb 1, 2003
I've always fished for tench using simple,traditional baits like corn,bread and over the last few years, meat, however, I have found a water close to my home that I had always overlooked as during the summer months it gets 'hammered'. After talking to few locals, this water apparently has an excellent stock of course fish, especially tench and is rarely that busy during my favorite times, daybreak-10am.The most successful bait is float fished trout pellet. My question is: How do you use this method?


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Dec 7, 2001
hiya goody and welcome to the site.

fish pellets as you would any other bait, feed smaller pellets either with a pole cup or catapult and simply use a bigger pellet on the hook.

methods are the same as you would normally use, either pole, rod or tip.

if you use a pole, try bouncing your pole cup to spread the pellets over a larger area, use small pellets + a few hookers as feed, try a bigger/two pellets on the hook.

same for using a rod n reel, catapult some pellets out and fish over the top of them.

if you want to use a feeder, try a drennan grip mesh feeder, soak your pellets first and then squeeze em into the feeder, let your feeder settle then give it a couple of turns on the reel to empty the feeder/staighten hooklength and pull hookbait over feed area.

fish pellets as you would any other bait, if you loose feed with corn and use 2 grains on the hook then do the same with pellets??

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Nov 4, 2001
theres 3 basic ways of presenting pellet on the hook. Use a bait band to fish a hard pellet on the hook.
With care they can be drilled and presented on a hair rig.
Finally take a handfull of pellets and place in a strainer. pour boiling water over them, shake them. Then place the pellets in a plastic bag seal and leave for a few hours. They should have absorbed the moisture and now be soft enough to be side hooked.

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Nov 19, 2002
try makin a paste out of it make em in to a powder and add an egg and there you have it pellet paste

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