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Apr 23, 2008

Saturday night was confused dot com

Having spent the day sorting the tackle, baits and general equipment required for an attack on the roach stocks in a match with the Medway Trotters club on lake 1 at chequertree fishery on the sunday

this old boy, your author had spent the evening dozing off in the comfy victorian armchair in the sitting room, the twilight hours had been peaceful, the house only being occupied by yours truly and tuppence worth of black dog, the wench had been out with the daughter in law and the grandchildren, not returning to the abode before 11pm, meaning that no repercussions as to amounts of brown bottles emptied was commented on

slightly dazed and partly inebreated, I was awoken when she returned home, thats when the confusion started regarding the settings on the equipment that recorded the passing of time throughout the household

I recollected somewhat, that she had stated (before going to bed) that she had adjusted the settings as to the hour going forward on the various timepieces, but, and a big but was running through my grey matter

had she done my alarm ?

well to cut it to the quick, I hade done it myself again, not wanting to either rush or be late for the draw, this resulted in arising long before what most people would consider in adequate time to complete the preperations for loading the van and leaving the house

up early, meant a slightly longer walking time for himself and I, the weather looked fair for a good days angling, the sun poked its golden orb over the sea cliffs, reflecting an orange glow on the cloud cover, and the trusty transporter was loaded in double quick time

flicking the starter saw it burst into life, and down the road it went, the driver noticed how much smoother the ride was, as this week had seen tha annual MOT, and full service completed on wolfsburgs finest van option

the service had revealed that a rear spring had been broken, snapped clean in half, no doubt from either bashing into one of the numerous potholes that now cover our roads or one of the rough tracks that lead to some of the fisheries we frequent, replacing the rear springs as a pair had also shown that the back disc brakes were needing replacing, van was in the shop for 36 hours all in and michael was 627 poorer before the beast was finally deemed suitable for another years adventuring

missing the normal maccy D repast, the tyres ate the miles towards the venue, our esteemed leader had arranged for the draw to take place in the clubhouse, which meant the cafe was open for a brekkie and a convivial catch up with fellow members

arriving early, showed the pool flat calm, nary a breath of wind disturbed the surface, warmish, and slightly overcast

17 piscatorial adherants had gathered for todays competion of angling nounce and skill, meaning we had the whole lake to ourselves

bacon sandwiches ordered and devoured with gusto, the hand of chance delved into the drawbag, returning with the token that declared peg 15 was my home for the day, ooooooow wooooo, proper flyer, little dance and a big smile until it was explained that we were not using the permanant peg numbers, my peg 15 was actually permanant peg 25, the second peg on the left of the point going down,

not the greatest of pegs, memory told me it was one of the shallower pegs with very few features,

still, loaded and trumbling, the preston pram soon arrived at the designated spot, short walk, 50 yards maybe

emplacing the venerable Boss box, the additions were fitted, trays, feeder arms and TWO nets, as todays gig was an all in match, carp and silvers to count

4 kits for the daiwa 510 pole were soon set up,

two with white NG hollo 8-10 elastic, two with dark blue NG hollo 6-8

gracing the white elastic kits were NG slim gimp 0.5 glass stemmed floats, 0.14 rig lines leading to 0.10 hooklengths finished with a drennan silverfish maggot hook to one kit and a drennan silverfish pellet hook to the other, both rigs simply deep bulked with a single no10 stoz dropper, these were for the carp and bream that frequent the pond

the lighter dark blue elasticated match kits were rigged with a new float that nick had given me for a try out, both had a NG XT 0.5g cane tipped carbon stemmed floats, good looking things and I had been itching for the right venue and day to give them a proper workout, hopefully today was that day

rig lines were 0.12 to 0.08 hooklengths, sharp bits were the excellent drennan silverfish maggot in size 18, one shotted to fish through the water and the other deep bulked

as an afterthought and because I was facing an island no more than 30 odd yards away, I set up a 11ft feeder rod with a drennan 4 hole cage feeder mated to a 12 inch hooklength finished with a size 16 silverfish pellet hook (used a drennan quick change bead in case I needed to swap the hooklength for a banded item)

mixed a bit of groundbait, sensas black lake with a big preston pot of special G and the same of 2mm micro pellet added and left it to swell

main baits for today were laid out on the large tray, 2 pints yellow maggot, 1 pint red maggot, 2 pints of caster, can of corn, and 4 slices tesco toastie thick sliced bread, with some 8mm, 6mm hookbait pellets just in case

looking to my left, there was a bare bank, very little to recommend it at all, maybe a bit of undercut but plain as plain jane, to the front, plumbing up had revealed that the pond was carrying more water than of late, the precipitation had filled the levels to give me 3 foot of water at 6 mtrs with a slight ledge-drop off from around 5mtrs out, not much but worth looking at, to my right was some bedraggled sticky ups that went out around 4 foot into the pond and had a nice looking rat hole at 5 sections of carbon, this years new growth was just sticking through the old reeds, the green tips around 6 inches above the level of the water,

ready and waiting way before the whistle, a side bet of a quid was set up with our esteemed leader who had drawn peg 16 to my right, this being decided as the lesser of two evils as the next peg on my left was occupied by Dean fish , a mighty angler, well versed in the competative pursuit of denizens of the deep

coffee poured, rigs baited, fag on and the start is announced to all and sundry by the blast from a referees whistle

first rig is swung out, the through the water set up, feeding a big pinch of the yellow maggot as it settles, it didnt settle, the float indicating some thing had snaffled it just before the bottom, quick lift saw a pale washed out roach of around 2oz swinging back towards the waiting hand, unhooked and netted, out again,

same thing, it should be noted now, that the yellow maggot wasnt in the best of condition, being around 4 weeks old, I had kept them in the bait fridge since not using them at the last match fished at sandwich lakes, most were half dead and stretched, with quite a few deads amongst them, which resulted in the being far slower sinkers when fed, ideal for todays shallow peg

the first hour has passed and just the one lines been fished, the area over the small drop off 5 mtrs to the front, feeding and fishing each swing out over the 10, 12 and 2 oclock arc, theres maybe 4lb of roach in the net when the float buries and the dark blue elastic streams out towards the island

Carp is my first thought, bloody things have discovered my feed ! tip under the water saw me recover some of the rubber, as the fish turned and swam back towards the peg, only for it to take off again tearing the elastic out for around 8 mtrs, will hit the bumpstop if it continues, as it turns again, 5 mins of tussle saw the first swirl on the surface, a golden flank appeared as it rose then dived again, the fight was being won though as it got closer, dipping the net as it rolled, revealed a nice tench, in and admired, not one of the biggest in the pond, probably around 3 to 3.5 pound, a hybrid coloured one, cross between the green and the golden tench found here, very nice fish, big smile as it slips into the weave of the keepnet and a celebratory fag and coffee breaks taken

time to try the right margin reeds as that fight will have buggered the straight out line for a while, feeding a mix of caster and reds, the rig lies about 6 inches off the fresh growth, it didnt sit there long, burying with aplomb, the first fish is hooked, a netter roach, 6oz of prime redfin, big smile

pitching in 20 or so of the red and caster mix every 30 seconds saw a succesion of fish hooked and netted, roach to around 8oz, smiles getting bigger and Im laughing and talkin to myself again

switching from the single red maggot to caster on the hook increased the size of the quarry, catching dogs to around a pound in weight, with the best of the fish going maybe 20 ounces, settled into a rythm, of maybe 4 or 5 smaller fish, then fish just off the fed area to take one of the better fish, some of the bites were lightning fast, I missed a fair few, and using caster this resulted in just a tad of the shell left on the hook, not as fast as plain maggot, but oh so enjoyable

too soon, the whistle went for the cessation of the gig, my right arm was tired, left hand wrinkly from the fish and water, left boot wet from the water dripping from the use of the landing net, face aching from the permanent grin of the last four hours

started stripping down, when steve comes wandering along, busting for a pee he is, and as Ive the only tree and bush on that part of the bank just to the left of my peg, thats where hes headed, I had to chuckle some more

match fishing must be the only competative sport where you can carry on a conversation with a fellow competitor whilst he has his dick in his hand, peeing, and no ones takes a blind bit of notice lol

Im still packing away as the scalesmen arrive, it seems near everyones had a good day, not as many carp as expected caught, but those seemed to be of a good size, 5lb plussers, the skimmers and bream have had a munch and most of the nets contain a fair few

out with my net, mmmmh, seems heavy, tipping into the scales bag sees the dial spin round on the ruebens, bouncing a while then to settle on the mark that denotes 33-00lb of fish captured

all roach apart from the solitary tench, around 30lb of redfins, I do love this pond, from a peg I would not of chosen, and was dissapointed with after I had drawn, the day had come good, very good, michael was as chuffed as a chuffed thing

around 80lb plus has won the day from the far bank pegs, carp, bream and small silvers, yours truly has finished around mid weights

in hindsight, the new cane tipped floats had performed very well, extremely sensative, until I had got used to thier intracasies, I had struck a bit too early, easy to see due to the slightly thicker bristles than I normally use on the finesse range and they shot dead on, heartily recommended, (I bet they will be good for those poxy F1 mutant carp too)

great day in some ace company on what I regard as one of the best roach ponds in the south
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Aug 2, 2012
Good read that Mick and glad the silvers were playing ball. I haven't had much joy through the winter with them, but imo it is getting to the time of year where some days a good weight of silvers alone or in the mix, will see a mid or higher finish.

I have never come last when I have had to or sometimes chose to target silvers alone, some days when I am too impatient to sit it out for unwilling Carp and switched or have gone for it right out for silvers it has got a frame.

Its a risk thing I know (when a lump wipes out your hard work), but for me lately its an enjoyment thing.

After you mentioned the throw away feeder line, I was expecting to read that it became your mainstay in the match-happens a bit to me that does. 'Oh (the day before or in the morning) i'll just put that in'.

Question if I may?
Had you fed the caster line (with caster) in advance? Or just as you fished it? My question surrounds how quickly they switched onto caster, as although I don't use it often, I have read that fish in these circumstances can take a while to switch onto it/compared with maggot.


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Apr 23, 2008
your right about the risk,

its all or nothing Ive found, most of the ponds I fish contain goods silvers, you have got to go at it single minded right from the start,

the feeder would of caught me fish, I had two rods, one still in the hardcase with a small method set up, there would of been bream and carp close to the island and it was a short chuck

but I like to be busy in winter, so its quantity with a hopefull bit of quality thrown in

the caster line I fed from the off, mix of old red maggot and dark caster (old stuff I had to wash before use) sprinkled quite liberally with a bit of black lake gb on them, big pinches every 5 mins

first put in on top an hour or so in, was red mag, caught fish, quickly but smaller, fed quite lightly really, around two pints, one of each, occasionally used two reds, had a couple of the bigger fish on that, caster went on the hook around 90 mins in
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Apr 23, 2008
Originally posted by emmaemma

A grand tale Mick. Have you joined another match group?

these fellas I fish quite often through the summer months with, plus if im off during the week, theres always the layabouts matches

though I am rejoining a local club this year for more adventures match angling on the military canal (pup can come too there)


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Dec 21, 2007
This was better than any article in the many angling mags at my side. A nice strong cuppa, a couple of Digestives and a pleasant read......well done Chipster