Tribe of cannibals


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Jun 25, 2018
An englishman irishman and scotsman get captured by a tribe of cannibals in the jungle, they take them back to the village and strip them all naked in the middle of the village next to a huge pot full of boiling water and vegetables over a blazing fire.
The chief says to the englishman, where do you come from, he says I come from london. The chief says stick him in the pot.
He says to the scotsman, where do you come from, the scotsman says I come from glasgow, the chief says stick him in the pot too.
He then asks the irishman, where do you come from, the irishman says I come from dublin. The chief tells him to get dressed and go.
One of the tribesman says to the chief, we are all starving, why are you letting him go?
The chief says the last time I put a man from dublin in the pot he ate all the potatoes.